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Cash Back

Cash Back Score Guarantee

Cash back

    Be a fan of Math Revolution and spread our innovative problem solving methods all over the world.
    If you introduce us to newly paid members, we will return 20% of their tuition to the recommenders.

    • Event Period                           : Period is indefinite, unless specified later on
    • No. of cash back requests   : Unlimited
    • Limit of cash back amount : Unlimited
    • Applicable Courses                : All Full Courses
    • Cash Back Amount               : 20% of the total tuition from full courses the new, introduced member registered
                                                          (Overlap with promotion coupons are also available
    • Example : If you introduce All-In-One $699 course to a new member, Math Revolution returns $140 to the recommender. In case of PS+DS $299, the recommender receives $60.

    Cash Back Procedure

      The recommender must
      register as a member
      of Math Revolution

      The recommender introduces
      Math Revolution course to
      friends preparing for GMAT

      The newly introduced friend
      purchases Math Revolution
      paid courses

      The recommender,
      with the email address
      of the new member he/she introduced,
      send a Cash Back Request
      via online at our site.

      Math Revolution matches
      the list of courses
      the recommender and
      his/her member friend took.

      Math Revolution returns
      20% of the tuition of the new,
      introduced member to the