Math Revolution 1-on-1 Free Counseling (20 mins)

Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members

Feel free to book now! For GMAT study plans to achieve your target score, meet with one of our team members


"Helpful video session"

I took a video session conducted by Mr. Punit Joshi for identifying my strategy to take the GMAT. I have only 2 weeks and he guided me well and recommended methods I could use to improve my score significantly. Looking forward to implementing these methods. Very helpful and highly recommended!

"Counselling session feedback"

Good session with Punit. His inputs were insightful and helpful.

"Surely get in touch with you for more queries"

Thank you for your email and I will surely get in touch with you for more queries. Once again thank you for your session. It really helps me to find the right way to study for GMAT.

"Thank you so much for time & session"

Thank you so much for time & session was Really helpful as it gave me different perspective on how to approach GMAT. Appreciate it.

"The Session was great."

The Session was great. I was clueless before the session but now I have a clear strategy to follow for a week. Thanks for the clear instructions.

"After having a conversation with Punit"

I was very perplexed and unsure about my preparation strategy for the GMAT. After having a conversation with Punit Sir I've got clarity on how the exam works and I've also learned how to plan my day for preparation. I'm grateful to have registered for this

"Thanks a lot for your help today"

Thanks a lot for your help today. You really helped me figure out what to do with my 12 remaining days to maximize my score and guided me towards the right resources. I would definitely recommend other people getting some 1-on-1 help with you as it definitely made a major difference for me, even in a 20 minutes session. I hope you have a great day,

"Helping me get to the target score"

Thank you for your time and for setting up this meeting. I appreciate your inputs in helping me get to the target score. Thanks for patiently listening to my story and for responding with advice on adopting the right strategy. Will connect with you soon once I've made some progress.

"A very productive session indeed"

A very productive session indeed. Thank you for your invaluable insights

"Great assistance and guidance"

Thank you so much again for your time, great assistance, and guidance. Until today's counseling session, I was a bit devastated by my Quant score (38) and I felt lost. During today's session, I realized that my study pattern was not helpful in that I was just focusing on Verbal since I thought I was okay with Quant. However, I feel like I have found the light again after talking to you. Thank you for your practical advice and detailed guidance on what to do. I have just noticed that I have taken all attempts available for the diagnostic tests, hence I cannot do it again. However, attached is the test results that I took earlier if this helps. Also, I am attaching a recent free mock test result from a different program (I'm doing Verbal only from this program). Thank you again for your guidance again, and please let me know if you need any other information.