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142 Name Year 51

What a great MATH REVOLUTION!!!

Math Revolution's 700 level question pack is very amazing. While subscribing their on-demand video course, I wanted to make sure I hit Q49 and above. I was getting more and more confident about their unique Variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS that I have never seen in the past, and I decided to purchase their 700 level questions (only $29). Yes, questions are quite tricky and very tough. If I solve these questions in a typical or conventional way, it will take over 6-8 minutes per question. With Math Revolution's approach, I could solve them within 2 minutes per question. Of course, I had to read solutions for incorrectly answered questions. Another amazing thing is that these types of questions are actually appearing in actual exam. So, I could feel comfortable when I encountered 700 level questions at the exam. One tip for everyone is that you should learn CMT 3,4 (Common Mistake type) for DS to achieve Q49 or above. It is very unique way of solving very hard DS questions taught by Math Revolution. In terms of English, I don't have any issues in understanding solutions. If someone buys it without subscribing their on demand video course, they may have some difficulties because Math Revolution's approach is very unique. Taking both on-demand video course and 700+ questions is highly recommended.



Johnkim81 2017
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141 Name Year 50

Best Course for Quant Section

I would like to thank Math Revolution course because of which I could get a Q50 in my official test (710: Q50, V37). 


In GMAT every second is important and Math Revolution has really got solid and differentiated theories on taking PS/DS sections, I received tremendous help with Variable approach for DS, and IVY approach for PS. The way to solve math problems is quite different from what we are used with conventional methods, especially for DS. In addition, the common mistake types (CMT) that MR provides for hard DS questions eliminated the confusion we are faced in the real exam. On some GMAT question, it is actually a game between the test-taker and the test maker wherein test-taker needs to be aware where the GMAT test maker is expecting us to make a mistake. 


The Math Revolution team has always been very helpful in whatever way necessary. Just to name one incident, it was about 12 days before my official GMAT date when my MR subscription expired. As soon as I requested the MR for an extension, they extended my course free of cost, no strings attached. 


It is important that we do a SWOT analysis of ourselves and choose horses for courses. For me, I chose Math Revolution for Quantitative section and e-GMAT for Verbal (being a non-native speaker). 


Before starting my studies, I remembered the famous quote from Abraham Lincoln “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. For first 3-days of my GMAT preps, I did nothing but Googling the best sites/books/prep companies for GMAT for almost 15 hours a day. The first website that cropped-up was GMATClub. Once you are on GMATClub, it all starts happening. 

Finally, a big round of applaud for GMATClub, MathRevolution and E-GMAT for providing cutting-edge platform for GMAT preparation and helping me to achieve my target score.  

tany10 2017
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140 Name Year 47

From Q41 to Q47!

All I can say was I was skeptical at first given that the company is fairly new and there are already a ton of other online prep companies out there. If you are struggling on quant then this is definitely the best course out there. The video lessons cover every possible topic out there. You slowly build your skills with concepts followed by practice questions with clear explanations. You work your way from easy concepts to build a solid base and then you learn to tackle the tricky/difficult concepts. With this program I consistently scored Q49 on my gmat prep practice exams! All I can say is the gmat quant section felt so much easier thanks to Math Revolution!

mhossain495 2017
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139 Name Year 47

Best tutor for GMAT Quant

I've been struggling with GMAT quant for many months and I studied on my own. I was hesitant to sign up for a tutor because I thought I could improve on my own. After many months of frustration, I decided to try out Math Revolution. It's the best math course for GMAT Quant. I improved from 44 to 47 in a month. I think I can definitely do even better if I had more time. Hee Jean is a great instructor and I can't thank him enough for helping me improve in such a short timeframe. If you're deciding which quant prep to choose, do choose math revolution!!

gmatletsgo123 2017
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138 Name Year 49


The Math Revolution team, especially Hee Jean, has been invaluable in my GMAT preparation. With the help of Math Revolution I have raised my quant from somewhere ~42 (on practice tests) to 49 on the real test. I can't stress enough how much you get when you sign up for a private tutoring with them - they will do an entire diagnostic of your math skills, work with you to build necessary skills, provide with extremely quick responses on any content questions that you have and give you access to their whole online video library + daily quizzes. In other words, if you have any difficulty with the quant part of the test, do work with them! Highly recommended!



Virtuoso7 2017
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137 Name Year 48

From Q44 to Q48 

MATHREVOLUTION IS AWESOME. Hands down one of the most intuitive test prep company dedicated for quant. Without MR I would never have been able to score Q48. 


MR is good for both beginners and advanced learners of math. 


Math revolution knows what it takes to do well in the quantitative section of the GMAT exam. 


What MR did greatly was taught me how to analyze the GMAT questions, breaking them down to pieces and chunks. This allowed me to tackle the question in such a way that reduced the amount of mistakes I had committed earlier. The ivy approach and the variable approach allowed me to do questions in less than a minute (the ones I already know would pop up). This has been a huge time saver for me. 


Math revolution knows what it takes to do well in the quantitative section of the GMAT exam​ 

Bounce1987 2017
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136 Name Year 49

Great quant course (from Q37 to Q49)


This is just a great course. I've started using it last august. Finished all the sections and managed to get a Q49 score. 

The course is especially good for its revolutionary approach in solving DS section questions. Actually I have managed to solve two DS questions in less than 30 seconds on the actual exam. The course comprehensively covers all the topics which appear on the GMAT. Also their team is very kind. Manager Jin answered all my e-mails (a lot!!) in a very short time. They have also helped me with the strategy before the exam. I would say that if you want to score at least 47 on the actual exam, you just have to sign up to this course.  

asker4ik13 2017
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135 Name Year 49

Math Revolution, truly a wonder.


I initially started studying GMAT by myself since summer 2016 but I had to discontinue my study during the fall 2016 to spring 2017 for two major reasons: first, as I was a master’s degree student during that time, I had to complete my degree which inevitably led to days and nights of extensive researching and thesis writing. Second, I had zero confidence in my quantitative skills – I felt I was not improving at all with math. This led me to search for THE best quant prep programs available, and I immediately realized there are countless positive information on Math Revolution and the instructor Max Lee’s teachings. I gave my full devotion – of time and spirits – to Math Revolution’s All-in-one 51 course for several months, and I immediately realized what I have been doing wrong – I tried to calculate, not using logics. Max Lee’s patented IVY approach to PS and Variable Approach to DS sections were immensely helpful guidelines. Initially I could barely hit 50% correct answer rate with official guide problems when I first started GMAT study, but after 5 to 6 months of Math Revolution’s AIO51 program I was able to get quant score of 43 on my first exam, and 49 on my second exam. 

I evaluate myself to be the bottom 10% of all college and university students around the world in terms of math skills. This is how low I am, how unskilled I was, to be honest. Max Lee and Math Revolution team has taught me with how to use appropriate logics and quantitative skills to approach them. Not only their teachings help you apply the correct approaches given the question, but also saves an unimaginable amount of time. I am pursuing my last GMAT attempt (720+ is my goal) to prove that even I can do this much with Math Revolution. 

For those who read this review thus far, thank you! This is not a review on how I studied or what contents Math Revolution can offer, but is a means to make an honest approach – a person as math fool as I am can achieve success, if given the right guidance. Math Revolution, in my honest opinion, IS that guidance with perfection. Yes, they have videos, and yes, they have preps. They have probably all types and quantities of resources anyone might need. The thing is, virtually every prep courses have available resources – having the “right” resources and having the “perfect” approach, however, is another story. Long story short, trust your Math Revolution. It really brings revolution to your exams.  

Mike6 2017
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134 Name Year 50

Math Revolution is truly a revolutionary course


Hi, I am MBA student class of 2019 and I would like to thank Max Lee, the leading instructor of Math Revolution courses for guiding me through the GMAT Math world. 


I took his class for about 2 months and joined study session for couple months which were extremely helpful to raise my score. 


Before I met him, I was struggling in GMAT Math for awhile. I thought I could easily get high score as I am an Asian student who took the advanced Math courses back on my school years. 

Yet it was my mistake. My prep test scores were around 40. I was running out of time, unable to solve all 37 questions in given minutes. Suddenly I realized that achieving 50-51 in GMAT Math is quite challening, and it seemed almost impossible. 


But then I start taking Max's course. He introduced the Variable Approach, a revolutionary approach based on figuring out how many unkown variables are required to solve the question and how many variables are given. With this approach, I was able to solve the question almost instantly. The point was that DS, unlike PS, is not asking you to solve and come up with the answer. Rather, it is to judge whether the given question is solvable or not. 


Thanks to Max Lee and Math Revolution, I have scored 50 or 51 in Math in every test I took and finally acheived GMAT score above 700. 


The Math Revolution course helped me how to tackle the questions without knowing all the complicated math formulas. I strongly recommend this course to all GMAT takers because it provides a powerful tool, Ivy Approach for PS and Variable Approach for DS, to solve the questions. It reminded me that GMAT is not a exam looking for genius applicants but for students who are capable of solving problems efficiently and logically.  

ecchiiel 2017
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133 Name Year 49

From Q44 to Q49!


MATHREVOLUTION IS AWESOME. Hands down one of the most intuitive test prep company dedicated for quant. Without MR I would never have been able to consistently stabilize my quant score at Q49 in TWO EXAMS. I think that's crazy. Before I was always hovering around 44 - 47 in my mocks. 


MR is good for both beginners and advanced learners of math. However, it is good to have a foundation on basic arithmetic first before you go down with math revolution. 


What MR did greatly was taught me how to analyze the GMAT questions, breaking them down to pieces and chunks. This allowed me to tackle the question in such a way that reduced the amount of mistakes I had committed earlier. The ivy approach and the variable approach allowed me to do questions in less than a minute (the ones I already know would pop up). This has been a huge time saver for me. 


The one thing that got me recommending math revolution to everyone is the dedicated section on how GMAT quant traps you. No other test prep does this! This allowed me to have intelligent guesses on questions I have no clue of how to do and avoid really stupid mistakes.  

Mimster 2017
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132 Name Year 50

Amazing tutoring


I don't usually write reviews, but thought I'd make an exception in this case, to highlight how amazing math revolution was. The first time I gave GMAT, I used books from a well known test prep company to prepare. It clearly wasn't enough as I didn't come close to my target score. I also felt that there was a lot of theoretical knowledge lacking in these books, that was holding me back from a better score. 


In preparing for the next test, I came across math revolution via reviews on What a blessing it turned out to be! Right from their videos, which explained all the concepts in a crystal clear manner making sure your foundations were solid, to the super prompt customer support and question resolution provided by their team (including their CEO who also chips in to help you plan your study schedule), to the amazing test sets that they send you to practice, to the very helpful and informative tutoring sessions they provide if you need. I am happy to say that I achieved my target score of 50 on my second attempt, largely due to the efforts of the team at math revolution. 


Do give them a shot, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!  

eshu99 2017
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131 Name Year 49

Thanks Math Revolution!


I enjoyed much with Math Revolution’s 700 level questions. Their 700 level pack was something different from what I have seen from other sources of 700 level questions. It contained 49-51 questions but also 50-51 hardest questions, too. If I solve them in conventional ways, it would take at least 5 min and some would take over 10 minutes. I got much help on DS. Their so-called Variable approach is really amazing to find most-likely-to-be answers by just checking no. of variables and equations. It dramatically reduce the time to solve. Their common mistake type logic was also very efficient in solving hard and hardest questions. I repeated solving them twice. After that, I got very confident on any types of 700 level questions. Thanks you, Math Revolution team.  

paulkim 2017
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130 Name Year 49

Thanks to Math Revolution Team!!!


I strongly recommend this course to anyone who are suffering from Gmat Quant Score to get high score. I've got 40 in quant when I took my first gmat exam. But thanks to this class, I made 49 in quant in just two weeks! 


When I was in high school, my strength was mathematics. Nevertheless, I was so disappointed with my first Gmat quant score. I couldn't finish solving all the questions in time. 


But after taking this course, my problem solving speed grew gradually faster. Max taught me not only mathematical logic but also time saving skill. His Variable approach for DS is really revolutionary in terms of solving problems quickly and easily, and it is big time saving. 


Thanks a lot Max for your help.  

bonjourbee 2017
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129 Name Year 49

Thanks Math Revolution!


I enjoyed much with Daily quiz from Math Revolution. 5 questions per day was the difficulty of Q35 – Q51. I was around Q40 level so it was clear that I get some correct and some incorrect depending on difficulty level. Daily quiz itself is not boosting the score immediately but daily habit of practice even for 10-15 minutes every day was the key to improving the score. I studied math hard over the weekend but during the week, I have hard time in finding study time due to the work, so daily practice was still good at the office. Daily quiz is like snow ball impact, started small ball but through day by day then get big and solid snow ball later. I highly recommend this for busy professional workers who can’t study properly.  

paulkim 2017
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128 Name Year 49

This is amazing course


I strongly recommend this course to anyone who are suffering from Gmat Quant Score to get high score. I've got 40 in quant when I took my first gmat exam. But after taking this class, I made 49 in quant in just two weeks! 


When I was in high school, my strength was mathematics. Nevertheless, I was so disappointed with my first Gmat quant score. I couldn't finish solving all the questions in time. 


Max taught me not only mathematical logic but also time saving skill. I recommend students to trust their videos and follow their words. All the tips they gave us were really useful. If I didn't take this course, I couldn't have made it. 


Thanks a lot Max and Math Revolution Team for your help.  

bonjourbee 2017
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127 Name Year 47



Math Revolution is indeed very revolutionary towards its approach to GMAT's Quant section -- I was never a strong mathematician, and my first Q score was Q40. In a shot of desperation, I decided to go with Math Revolution because it had such a highly rated reviews with results to boot. I am indeed very surprised. Since the methodology isn't pure math but rather focused on Logic, I fared better on tackling my quant section. I took GMAT multiple times and after my initial Q40, all my subsequent scores were very high 40's. I'm sure without my GMAT score, I wouldn't have been able to get into a Top 10 - Ivy League MBA program. Thank you, Math Revolution!  

MikeWins 2017
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126 Name Year 50

It does Revolutionise your GMAT Quant !!!


During my preparation, I had faced mainly two problems - 


1. Not consistent scores. 


Math Revolution [MR] did actually make sure about it. I was hitting the scoreline regularly since I had signed up with this course. This course makes sure you won't digress and keep to material which is considered in the official exam directly . Please keep in mind that many a times we end up doing things which actually wastes a lot of the time and even at time demoralizes. Hence this course helps in keeping the material in track at almost no huge cost. 


2. Quick Maths 


The processes and tricks you will learn/revise while doing this process is actually optimum with regards to attempting questions and time management on the real exam. Specially the processes for DS are quite handy. Believe me, if you are having problems with interpretation of DS problems or at times the questions trap you, MR is the correct place. Not only would you get rid of any such issues, your accuracy also will be sincerely high. 


Finally, I would thank MR once again as it was with their help that I could get a Q50 in my official test. I would also like to mention that MR team has always been very cordial and impromptu to help in whatever way necessary. Pointing out such an incident, it was just before my official GMAT date when my MR subscription got over. I needed an extension by few days, which actually turned out to be just a mail away. As soon as I requested the MR team for an extension, they extended my course free of cost, without any ado. 


Thanks MR team and best regards in all your endeavours. 

Your course and your team are truly one-stop solution for GMAT Quant without doubt. (and the 5-star rating does not do justice w.r.t the level of services provided by you, your team is way better !)  

Orknob 2017
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125 Name Year 49

Thank U Math Revolution!

Thank you, Max Lee and Math Revolution team, With Math Revolution’s solid and differentiated theories on taking PS/DS sections, I received tremendous help. Especially while preparing for the first mock test, after getting shocked with the DS section, I saw a new world with Variable approach for DS, and IVY approach for PS. The way to solve math problems is entirely different from what we have solved in the past, especially for DS. You can save so much time by just following their variable approach method. Also, the common mistake types that they point out for hard DS questions eliminated the confusing times you might face in the math section. Interestingly, you can read the mind of the test maker, thinking “The GMAT test maker is expecting me to make a mistake here!”. I sort of seem like your biggest fan! (I’m not their relative or a stockowner of his company). But trust me ! Math Revolution is the way.

paulkim 2017
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124 Name Year 49

Best Quantitative Course

I took my official GMAT on 26th April,2017 and i scored 49 in quant that's mean i raised my score from 33 to 49 within 20 days. I had taken my previous GMAT on 4th April,2017 and and i got 33 on quant, so at a same day i took appointment for official GMAT exam for 26th April,2017. And i registered Math Revolution on 8th April,2017. I gave exam on 26th April,2017 and i got awesome 49 score on quant. So i really appreciate Math Revolution quantitative course and i will definitely suggest everyone who wants to take GMAT. Thank you so much for awesome course.

Zeel1292 2017
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123 Name Year 49

Superb course for GMAT QUANT

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who are suffering from Gmat Quant Score to get high score. I've got 40 in quant when I took my first gmat exam. But after taking this class, I made 49 in quant in just two weeks! 


When I was in high school, my strength was mathematics. Nevertheless, I was so disappointed with my first Gmat quant score. I couldn't finish solving all the questions in time. 


Max taught me not only mathematical logic but also time saving skill with IVY approach for DS + PS. Moreover, he gave me extra tips and methods to achieve my goal. 


Thanks a lot Max and Math Revolution team for your help.  

bonjourbee 2017
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122 Name Year 49

Great Short and Concise Course for Short Preparation

I used this course based on a friend's recommendation after he scored a 50 on the quantitative section. While I didn't quite score that high, I thought this course was a great way to get familiar with the most up to date test questions without all the jargon you can find on the web. If I had more time, I definitely would try to go for the all-in-one to make sure I absolutely understand every topic area in the quant section, but I will quite happily take the 49 after a little over a month of intensive studying after only scoring a 42 on my first mock.

damianlee 2017
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121 Name Year 50

Q48 to Q50 - Thanks Math Revolution!


I'm not a native speaker and a person who is pretty decent at Quants,i knew that my strength was Quants but used to constantly score 48, very rarely 49 in gmat prep tests/exam packs, that is when i came across Math Revolution on the Gmat Club and decided to attend one of their webinars, their approach to solving DS questions is unique and is necessary in a time-bound computer adaptive exam like the GMAT.I purchased Math Revolution's Short-Cut 51 1-month course, all the videos in the course were easy to follow and they have an amazing support team that responds to all your subject/course related queries so quickly, trust me i have never wondered why they haven't responded or followed up on any of the mails! You guys are going places with that attitude, Math Revolution! 


Last but not the least,their extraordinary questions are magic, makes me wonder how they do it, these questions are accurate and gave me the much needed push and boosted my morale before and on the day of the exam. 


So, for anyone who is struggling to touch 50 or beyond, choose Math Revolution - totally worth the money!  

vidyalakshmi29 2017
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120 Name Year 47

Best GMAT Quant prep course out there

Before taking this course, I had given GMAT and scored 47 in quant. I was disappointed with my performance as I had practiced a lot but it was all in vain. I realised that I was lacking a focused approach towards quant. I came across Math Revolution and, after a thorough research, I decided to go for All in one 51 - 3 months Math Revolution course. From the very beginning I sensed that I have made a wise choice as, within 1 month into the course, I had clarity about all the core concepts, knew what to expect during GMAT exam and understood how to solve most difficult questions easily & quickly. 


Math Revolution will teach you tricks that will guarantee confidence during the real thing. Its approach will let you complete the quant section before time. I gave GMAT recently and scored 50 in quant. 


I recommend this course to anyone who is apprehensive about his math skills and wishes to reach 50-51 in quant.

Manmeet1987 2017
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119 Name Year 50

Perfect practice makes perfect!

I received Daily Quiz (5 questions and solutions per day). I am always thinking about GMAT prep but so busy for my work and have to forget about GMAT for weeks due to projects and business trip. Under my circumstances, Daily Quiz was something suited for me. No matter how busy I am, I tried to solve 5 questions per day. I solve them after lunch or on the way home or to the office. As a typical professional worker, we tend to focus on only work and get lazy about GMAT. But, receiving Daily Quiz via an email is something that reminds me of MBA. I took their online video course which I studied over the weekend. Daily quiz is good to use during weekdays if you are very busy. I don't know how effective Daily Quiz was but I believe solving math everyday even for some minutes was surely effective. I am very pleased to hit my target score with Math Revolution courses.

pslena27 2017
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118 Name Year 50

The most effective way to get Q49 and above!

Math Revolution's 700 level question pack is very amazing. While subscribing their on-demand video course, I wanted to make sure I hit Q50 and above. I was getting more and more confident about their unique Variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS that I have never seen in the past, and I decided to purchase their 700 level questions (only $29). Yes, questions are quite tricky and very tough. If I solve these questions in a typical or conventional way, it will take over 6-8 minutes per question. With Math Revolution's approach, I could solve them within 2 minutes per question. Of course, I had to read solutions for incorrectly answered questions. Another amazing thing is that these types of questions are actually appearing in actual exam. So, I could feel comfortable when I encountered 700 level questions at the exam. One tip for everyone is that you should learn CMT 3,4 (Common Mistake type) for DS to achieve Q49 or above. It is very unique way of solving very hard DS questions taught by Math Revolution. In terms of English, I don't have any issues in understanding solutions. If someone buys it without subscribing their on demand video course, they may have some difficulties because Math Revolution's approach is very unique. Taking both on-demand video course and 700+ questions is highly recommended.

pslena27 2017
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117 Name Year 49

Very helpful 700 level question pack!


I took many practice tests from other GMAT prep companies but the estimated scores were fluctuating. The questions didn’t look trendy. One of my friends recommended me to take Math Revolution course. I loved their online course and additionally purchased 700+ level questions. These questions are hard or very hard. That’s why these questions are 700+, not 700. These questions are most-up-to-date questions, which I liked a lot. This is strongly recommended for the students who want to achieve a score of Q50~Q51. If you already have Q45 and above, just try these question packs. Minimum Q49 will be easy for you.  

ZackLim 2017
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116 Name Year 50

Finally, I hit Q50!!

During the GMAT test, I had hard time in getting last 5-6 hard questions correct. My score was 46 

to 47 even after studying really hard. But, after learning Variable approach for DS, especially CMT 

(CMT is common mistake type according to Math Revolution), I could solve the last hard 

questions correctly. 700+ level questions are very useful and helpful unlike other test preps. 

I liked their unique, very logical approaches in solving hard questions. If we try to solve these questions in a conventional way, it will take at least 5-6 min per question, but if I apply Variable approach and IVY approach, it took only 2 min or maximum 3 min. I also noticed that these questions are recent types of questions that I could see some similar types in actual exam. 

I finally hit Q50, which was my dream score. Also, great value for money!

tommy1009 2017
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115 Name Year 50

Thank you Math Revolution Team ! 


I took my second exam and scored Q50 which was just very amazing. My math was terrible so the score really surprised me, in a very, very good way. (Last time I took the mock-test I got a 33 and there were times when I scored less than 20.). When I first started studying for GMAT, I told myself "Max Lee, a founder of Math Revolution, is the God of GMAT and I will only trust and follow their words." I studied with your videos after work and it was well worth it! I could feel my math improving as it took less and less time to solve each problems. It took me 4-5 hours to finish the first prep paper you gave us which had 37 questions. But my problem solving speed grew exponentially faster. Your Variable approach for DS is really revolutionary in terms of solving problems quickly and easily, and it is big time saving. I highly recommend all students who are preparing for GMAT to take your course. I recommend them to trust their videos and follow their words. The tips you gave us while watching videos were especially useful. To be honest, I feel I have a lot of room for improvement in my math skills. But with your tips I was able to score such a high score. 


For example there was one PS question. The logic was simple but the calculation was complicated and would have taken more than 5 minutes. So I boldly passed the question as I learned. Then the next question I got was a Key Question which I could solve in seconds using the methods you taught us. I respect your tremendous amount of experience on GMAT and it would be a fool of anyone to not listen to your teachings. I am grateful that I was able GMAT within such short period of time. I wish them all a very good luck in their future.  

pslena27 2017
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114 Name Year 49

Math Revolution - GMAT Q49

I would like to convey my thanks to the amazing team of Math revolution. The course has helped me to achieve GMAT Q49. The variable approach technique provides very good insights on how GMAT quant questions to be solved. 


Main benefit of the course is that it provides structure to ones thought process. Variable approach and IVY approach are examples of how to structure your thoughts. The practice questions are of very good quality. Entire course helps you to understand the questions from basics to difficult level. 


The course is highly recommended not only for non-engineering background but also for engineering background candidates. 


Icing on the cake is the communication and management of Math Revolution team led by Jin. Every mail query is responded within hours. I have not find that level of commitment with any other prep company. Thanks a lot Max and Jin for your support.  

taruns2000 2017
Score Report
113 Name Year 47

Excellent course

I was very skeptical in the beginning about what to expect from this course. Earlier I have spent around $1000 for a very well-known course and the result was a complete waste of money and time. Tried the short-cut 51 and my quant score increased by 5 points. I am wondering now that if I took the full course I could have improved even more. For those who want to maximize their quant score, please subscribe to Math Rev. and no other company. Also have the GMAT official guide. Follow the instructions of Math Rev. and do every problem set diligently. Also, keep doing the official guide and take practice tests from GMAC website. 3-4 days before the exam, try the extraordinary questions, official guide problems, and test problems from free tests from GMAC website. These should be enough to get to the target score. I am really grateful to Math Rev. for the great test prep materials at such a reasonable price.

miki2724 2017
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112 Name Year 47

Math Revolution Best out there

I tried it- huge stack of books, MGMAT online prep ($1200), GMAT club tests, countless hours of studying. Finally I gave Math Revolution a shot!! I tend to get in my own way in the GMAT testing facility, but I went into the test with confidence knowing I could score well. I did a poor job of managing my time unfortunately and found myself with 7 questions to go in 7 minutes. I was still able to achieve my highest quant score after 5 tries-- a 47. Without a doubt, if I took it again and paid more attention to the clock I am confident I could score 49+. You absolutely cannot beat Math Revolution for the material, the price, and the ease of learning. Seriously, MGMAT will teach you the basics for 10 times the cost, but if you want the best Quant course out there-- try Math Revolution! Your wallet will thank you and you'll be impressed with the material. I will add that Jin was extremely responsive and happy to answer all my questions (there were alot too) along the way. 


-750 GMATer 

vanceag2016 2017
Score Report
111 Name Year 49

​GMAT 670 , QA (49)

I was down on motivation struggling with DS. Then got introduced to Jin. Amazing team of math revolution. These guys have maths specially DS structured. Along with Manhattan 5 books worked with maths revolution . Just 1 month good preparation reached from 42 QA to QA 49 reaching 670. 

Earlier score 540 (GMAT ) - Nov 30 2016 then since MBA deadlines were losing decided to prep again with just 1 month pending. here our folks from math revolution come in. I just did their questions 5 a day, then complete course material revision specially small tricks taught in course. It is my personal milestone and i am happy about it thanks all to math revolutions team. Trust Jin and team you will reach your score . 

anshumanster 2017
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110 Name Year 50

Q42 to Q50 almost a 6 month journey...

Hi everyone, 


All I can say is don't give up. Back in September of 2016 I took "the test" after 4 months of dogged preparation and scored a 540. My practice scores were in the range of 640-670. My Quant hovered around a 46... On the actual test I got a 42... 


I just couldn't understand. I put in so much effort, yet I couldn't get passed a certain threshold. I choked under pressure and on the actual test I guessed on my last 6 problems. I felt defeated and knew I needed to do something different. 


I think the issue was that I was practicing problems that dated back 4-6 years and weren't truly indicative of how the test is currently structured. I stumbled upon Math Revolution (MR) through a GMAT Club article actually explaining this fact. GMAT Test takers are taking a different approach to recent Quant problems and MR had a unique approach to understanding HOW to catch yourself by avoiding the common traps. I became intrigued and signed up for 2 products: 1) Daily Quiz and 2) The All-IN 51 course. I felt like I knew my concepts fairly well, but I needed to 1) reduce careless mistakes and 2) significantly improve speed. Read More 

IMonthegrind 2017
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109 Name Year 50

Math is a habit then it works well.


I am a kind of person who really hates Math since high school student. But I have to take GMAT because of my job. My co-worker said that when you start something, you need to make you be interested in something. So I joined Math Revolution Daily quiz which sends 5 questions to customers every day. I solved the questions every lunch time and I became to be interested in math because I don’t have good math basics, but I was able to solve the questions using IVY Approach and Variable approach well. I sometimes waited for their daily quiz, strange but true, interesting! For anyone who cannot find enough time for study, just try Daily Quiz ! I just wanted to have Verbal daily quiz but they don’t offer verbal as you know.  

ZackLim 2017
Score Report
108 Name Year 50

I enjoyed Daily Quiz !


Because of my job, it is quite difficult to study regularly. When I got home and I tried to study but 

I was lazy to open the videos or the book again. But thanks to Math Revolution’s Daily Quiz, 

I don’t need to prepare anything!! I just checked my email on my cell phone and I solved 5 

Questions every night. Of course, to get a high score, I needed to make extra efforts but I think 

that daily habit for math is also very important to make good score. 

I also studied Math Revolution’s online course and 700+level questions. Daily Quiz was still one of 

reasons I could hit a great score (Q50). The format of quiz is like actual exam type. 

They send 5 questions via emails every day except weekends. Sometime, I solve all of them over the weekend if I was on business trip during the weekdays. Anyway, I liked Daily quiz a lot.  

tommy1009 2017
Score Report
107 Name Year 50

Constant practice is the key to a 50 in Quant

I'm living proof that natural math talent or schooling can get you a top quant score. I got a 50 on Quant and had not taken a math course in 14 years. 


The Math Revolution team make it clear that daily problems are super important. I did my 5 daily problems everyday for 6 weeks and it was vital for my success. My brain was trained to get up in the morning, go to my laptop, turn on the time on my cell phone, and finish the problems in 10 minutes (2 minutes each). Then review them all immediately afterwards. Then 4 days later I would repeat that quick from 4 mornings ago before I went to sleep - to check if I really learned the materials. 


Like I said, this daily practice is crucial. These problems are relevant to how the current GMAT is testing. Do not practice on out-dated problems. Math Revolution is the best Quant prep and daily practice is key. 

newent777 2016
Score Report
106 Name Year 51

Math Revolution

I took the Math Revolution Course ( All in one 51) as I wanted to boost my math score. I realized that I needed an in-depth review of all the concepts in Math, and that's why, although I had only a month to go for my GMAT exam, I took the all in one-51 course. I believe this helped me to a great extent. The course content is fantastic, to the point, and extremely well explained. The videos are great and excellent for practice. You have to put the effort of course, but the course contains all that you need to strengthen your concepts. This is the answer to boosting your Quant score! 

nyda 2017
Score Report
105 Name Year 49

An amazing math course

​I signed on for the All-in-One 51 course only a month before my GMAT. I have a good understanding of math and scored Q45 in my first GMAT attempt without really studying. 


I'd heard good things about Math Revolution and gave it a go. The video course is absolutely fantastic. I dove right in and it picked up the pace quite quickly. The videos were well formatted and a good length - short enough to not be boring, but long enough to explain everything in detail. That said, I wasn't really a fan of the Kollus Player app they use for the platform, but it's a minor nitpick. 


Both the PS and DS approaches (IVY and variable respectively) are easy to understand and can really push you to improve your score dramatically. The practice questions are on point and the important questions you receive a week before the exam are excellent. If you have any questions, you can post on the site and the replies come through really fast. 


Before I signed on for this course, I was a bit sceptical at the glowing reviews. But today, I can seriously wholeheartedly recommend this course. It really is fantastic. My only regret is that I didn't sign up earlier for a full three month course. In the month that I had, I couldn't make it through all the videos, so I did the best I could and still scored 49. 


Thanks to Mike, Jin and the Math Revolution team - I'm really grateful for the help. This was the best decision I made while studying for the GMAT. ​

karan812 2017
Score Report
104 Name Year 49

Good course- helps build consistency

​Math Revolution was very helpful in my routine towards the end of my preparation. In the last one month of my prep, my Quant prep was solid and I was scoring Q48-50 consistently. Towards the end of my prep I focussed more on Verbal but I worried that I may get out of touch with Quant. Math Revolution's Daily Quiz took only 15 mins of my time daily and the questions were GMAT style- not tough but tricky. 

I scored Q49 in the real exam. Math Revolution's course is great value for money and very helpful in the last one month of prep. ​

saumyasharma 2017
Score Report
103 Name Year 49

I got Q49 from Q32 !!

​My GMAT Quant score was only 32, before Math Revolution All-In-One Course. But, after taking MR All-In-One Course for 3 month, I improved my score from Q32 to Q49. What a big jump!!
In fact, when I started GMAT study, I have already been working for 7 years. Thus, I haven’t solved any single math problem for many years. I did forget a lot of mathematics concept which I studied before. Coming from a non-engineering major background, math has always been a huge challenge for me. But I followed what Math Revolution (MR) exactly guided. Since I almost forgot about basic math, I started watching Math Review videos which is good for GMAT beginners and GMAT takers who want to refresh basic math. After that, I learned their unique approaches (Variable approach for DS, IVY approach for PS). I was very impressed and shocked with Variable approach for DS that make me find most-likely-to-be an answer within 1 minute without substituting condition 1 and condition 2. DS was my headache because it was very time consuming. After learning Variable approach, DS became my strength. I never imagined to hit Q49, but I did. I also love their great customer service. Any questions about math I posted via online were answered less than 24 hours. I additionally enrolled 700+ level questions. I practiced for one week. These questions are very difficult but I could manage them well because I know Variable approach. However, my verbal is so bad. I will focus on Verbal and retake the exam but I am not that worried about quant. I know how to continue to maintain Q49 level. Anyway, if someone asks me how to raise GMAT Math score, I definitely recommend “MR All-In-One course”. No brain! Thanks a lot to all MR team including Max Lee and Jin. 

ZackLim 2017
Score Report
102 Name Year 50

Thank you for making my Quant score 50 (from 430 to 600)


I had 10-hour private tutoring class. It was great time to me because when I took GMAT test, I had hard time in finishing all the math questions on time but since I realized Variable approach and IVY approach, I was able to solve all the questions on time and I found 10 min still left before the exam ends. I love Variable approach for DS. This is fantastic method!! Tutoring session was very helpful. Math Revolution provided me with detailed study guide after assessing my math skills through diagnostic test. Interestingly they always wanted me to send hand-written solutions to exactly find the where my weak areas are. When I told them my target score was Q47-48, they said I am not ambitious. They said I can hit at least Q49 and up to Q50. I was wondering where their confidence was coming from, but it was true. I hit Q50 which was my dream score. 

The tutor, Heejean, was very helpful and taught me very well step-by-step. I realized that I could improve my math week by week. They also provided me extra questions exclusively for tutoring students. 700+ level questions were not difficult toward the end of my study. These questions are super amazing! They support tutoring as a team. For example, Heejean is the tutor but Max Lee (founder) also supports for special tutoring pack questions. JH (President) also helps and motivates me and handles any other non-math questions. Jin, customer service staff, was super!! 

They not only support tutoring but also all my email questions. Just trust Math Revolution. If you follow them and believe Variable approach, you can surely achieve your target score. Special thanks to Heejean, Max, JH, and Jin for taking care of me very well for past two months.  

tommy1009 2017
Score Report
101 Name Year 50

Best question period

690 with Q 50 


I have always been good in math. But not the GMAT way. Its different. Even a math genius cant claim to get 51. Even I flunked DS question miserably. This is where math revolution came to my rescue. With in a month month of study I was actually better in DS than I was in PS. such a confidence booster. 


Math revolution is worth every single dime & minute you spend. 

they have the best guys on the job for question preparation. 


the extraordinary questions & 700+ questions are GEM. 

Dont miss them. 


I will really be thankful to them for the effort they have put into making these question. 


Their explanation are simple & anyone with or without Math background can score 49+ if you follow their guidelines 


I had very less time to prepare. If I am given another month I am confident to get 51 with Math revolution's help. 


Guys after sometime you will feel confident about a high score. 


After I started with Math revolution I never scored below 49. 

Even in GMAT CLUB tests I consistently scored 50/51. 


Trust me guys its worth every single penny. 



alokspa 2016
Score Report
100 Name Year 48

Thank you Math Revolution!

In summer 2016 I decided to take GMAT by the end of 2016/ beginning of 2017 and apply for Master Degree. Of course as most of the people I was aiming for 700+ score. 


I took my first mock test without any knowledge about GMAT and honestly, it was miserable. I scored around 500 and I knew that the preparation for GMAT is going to be intense. I was not one of those engineering major people who had a magnificent quant score or one of those verbal geniuses who had a great verbal score. My score was balanced and I knew that I had to work on both of them. 


Unfortunately, as there are many various resources for GMAT, I took the worst path: focus on quantity and try every resource there is. I tried MGMAT, empowerGMAT and many other courses but nothing seemed to suit me. I wasted a lot of time that would have been spent better if I focused only on one resource. I was looking for a perfect course that would make me strong both in Verbal and Quant. After a month without any meaningful progress I realized that I have to change my attitude and overall strategy. I decided to pick one course for Quant and one course for Verbal and stick to it no matter what. 


After an extensive research, I decided to pick Math Revolution for Quant and E-gmat for Verbal. After that decision I never looked back. I was immediately hooked up with the approaches of Math Revolution, mainly for DS questions. What is even more beneficial about the whole course is learning by doing. ​Read more 

JaroslavT 2016
Score Report
99 Name Year 50

Math Revolution _ is the BEST!!

Thank you Math Revolution and the team behind it, you are fantabulous. 


HI To All, 


I know how one feels after reading any review "its fake/paid". 

I too used to think the same. 

After I lost all hopes of doing well in GMAT , I took the last chance and enrolled with Math Revolution _ All in one course for a month. It simply changed my approach towards GMAT Quant. At the end , Where I was struggling to get q49 ,and finally I secured q50 in real GMAT. 


My advice to all would be , 

If you are good in Verbal enrol with Math revolution. 

If you are good in Quant , still enrol with Math revolution , so that you can secure 51 and that will take off lot of pressure to secure a great score in verbal. 


At the same time, Its very economical and also one can buy GMAT prep paid test from the amount one will save. 

All the best to all of you  

liu86wasan 2016
Score Report
98 Name Year 49

Math Revolution – My great helper to achieve a strong math score​


Hi all, 


If you happen to read my previous post entitled “Math Revolution – My great helper to attain Q50”, I am here again to share with you my achievement in December last year. I accidentally deleted my old post so I will attach it below. 


Regarding my current GMAT score, I earned 680 (Q49, V34). Though my quant score is lower by 1 point compared to last time, I am still thankful and want to give credits to Math Revolution. Three days prior to the test date, I spent time solving 700+ level math problems purchased from Math Revolution – the institution has recently developed these problems – and reviewing prime techniques acquired from the one-month “Short Cut 51” course. Thanks to these materials I attained a solid Q49. As mentioned in my old review, learning variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS helps me solve math problems with ease, speed, and accuracy; as a result I received Q49 for the first time after the “All-in-one 51” course. With minimum review this time, I could still maintain a relatively strong quant score. This result shows how reliable Math Revolution is. I could have maintained Q50 or earned Q51, if I had spent adequate time for math.​ Read More 

Dalena0106 2017
Score Report
97 Name Year 49

My thanks to the Math Revolution​

It has been almost five years since my graduation in 2012. I received a major in International Economics in the top Ukrainian University. At the beginning of 2016 I decided to pursue an MBA degree and in February 2016 I began to prepare for my GMAT exam. I thought the local courses were enough, but after their completion I took the Economist mock test and received 610. After that, at the end of May 2016 I took various on-line courses and even received 720 in my GMAT Prep exam, but I was disappointed to receive 620 Q43 V32 in my real exam at the end of July 2016. My Quant skills were rusty and I decided to enroll in the Math Revolution "51 all in one" course, because they promoted their unconventional approach regardless of quant skills. I enjoyed their practicality and detailed online solutions with explanations. They assisted me very quickly online via e-mail when I had hard times understanding the math concepts. Math Revolution has a lot of PDF exercises to address the GMAT tricks and concepts along with online and offline practice tests with thorough explanations. I want to grant special thanks to Jin, who made effort to support me till the test day! I have retaken GMAT in December 2016 and got the average score of 670 Q49 V32. My Verbal, unfortunately has not improved since the first test, but I raised my quant score by 6 points! I plan to retake the GMAT later, because in the Exam Pack 1 I have received 730 3 days before my second attempt and will use Math Revolution for revision of my Quant Section.


Vanmotan 2016
Score Report
96 Name Year 49

Math Revolution has a strong base concept that helps you to understand the thinking behind GMAT tests. The base concept itself was very helpful in steering my mind towards the correct answers. I found the math test to be a lot easier after only 10 days of studying the concepts. However, I did end up retaking the test 3 weeks later and received a 46 on the quant instead of the original 49. I was still looking at Math Revolution but it just didn't help as much then. 


I would suggest taking this program 2 weeks before the test. If you have studied a lot before and have a decent understanding of the concepts, this program will layer on the last brick you need to ensure a high quant score. 


However, with that being said, there are some downsides. The program itself doesn't have a lot of questions. Though they take the time to hone in the concepts, the explanations are not that great. I had to contact the staff multiple times for proper explanations to their questions. Even with the staff's explanation, I had to take the time to figure it out because their explanations were short and not as helpful. 


Also, they have a set of key questions and extraordinary questions that are suppose to help ensure that you can at least get a 49. These aren't that helpful. You are better off looking at other material. They are a waste of time. 


Overall, the program is worth it because of their baseline concept. After this, there isn't much that is helpful here. Although the staff is friendly, what you're really paying for here is the DS + PS theory. You can get a free trial and hear the theory without paying. That itself may be far more valuable if you already have a storng math foundation. Otherwise, just fork up the money for some extra math questions.​ 

richsunglee 2016
Score Report
95 Name Year 50

Jae and the Math Revolution team are amazing!


I have to start here: this is the best team for GMAT Quant training and insights. They flat out know math but, more importantly, know how to transfer that knowledge and confidence to you to do very well. 


My quant score was really bad on my first exam attempt - below 40. My second (and last attempt) was less than 3 months later and I got a 50 on Quant (40 on Verbal for a total of 740 - 97%). 


If you are on the fence, do not be anymore. Getting private tutoring with Math Revolution (all of their tutors are fantastic, I just got lucky since Jae's schedule was open). So even if you cannot get Jae, sign up soon. The more time you have the better. I found out about Math Revolution only 2 months before my exam date. I never felt rushed and Jae was very efficient and thorough during our sessions. 


I will also add that this company has the best customer service ever. Every email I sent with questions (which were many) was answered within a day or a day and a half, max. If you are a tutoring student, you feel like a VIP for sure. 


Without this quant score, I could never imagine applying to top 5 or 10 programs. Now I've applied to all of them with confidence that at least one or two will admit me. The truth is, your GMAT score is life changing. By the time I got to the Verbal section I was still fresh and not stressed at all. 


Their methods are unique and you can see if their free videos. But know that there is MUCH more in the online course (you get 6 month access free as a tutoring student . I did the entire All-in-One 51 course). You need the course and tutoring, so dedicate your time to both. Your future is worth it. 


Contact me on here if you have any questions. But do it before Fall 2017 as I will be starting classes and will undoubtedly be too busy. Good luck!  

newent777 2016
Score Report
94 Name Year 51

This is the greatest GMAT math course ever!


From 460 to 720 


At first, I didn't believe that this course make me have 700+ score, but I finally ended GMAT test with 51/38. I worried about GMAT math, since I heard ,from my co-workers, that GMAT math is more difficult than GRE. However, after participating in this course, I'm more confident than ever in math. 


He teaches how to approach math problems. Through the approach he lectures, I believe all students can solve all the questions. 


The main point of this course is a 'variable approach', approach that reorganizes the question and determines the variables. Doing so, you can match the conditions' and questions' variables. You can save time and easily check the answers. 


Thank you, Lee and all the friends. ​ 

Summerholic 2016
Score Report
93 Name Year 50 Excellent Customer Service!! Just as a little background, I have always been somewhat stronger at Quant than Verbal throughout my education as well as the GMAT. After some studying, I gave my first attempt at the GMAT around September 2015 and scored a 610 (Q47, V27). Although Q47 is a respectable score, I knew I had to take it to the next tier to achieve my goal score. With the high reviews of MathRevolution, I gave it a shot. Read More 
Kurai 2016
Score Report
92 Name Year 49 Math Revolution is the only course you want for Quant!! For my quant preparation, I completed a number of online courses, but by far Math revolution prepares you the best for GMAT. Math revolution questions are exhaustive and they cover each and every topic. Not only the questions will prepare you but also will train your mind to think analytically to solve all and any kind of quant questions. The "Common Mistake Types" taught by this course is a must know for anyone who is targeting a score of 51 in Quant. Also Lee, Jin and team are the best. Their turnaround time for all the doubts/ concern resolution is impeccable. All in all a must required course for acing the GMAT Quant.
Charlotte29 2016
Score Report
91 Name Year 49 My first GMAT Quant score with Math revolution was 49. I took the test again after 2 months and scored 50 ! The course structure, content and questions are up to date with the actual GMAT. Most of the other prep company's ( trust me , I subscribed to more than two online prep companies) quant contents are outdated. They are good for practice but they are no way close to the actual GMAT questions types. That's where Math revolution wins over all. A combination of OG and Math revolution will surely help anyone to achieve a score of 49 and above. The Math revolution team is absolutely brilliant. The turnaround time on questions related to the content is amazing. Thank you Math revolution for everything ! You guys really rock !!
sangmat2016 2016
Score Report
90 Name Year 49 I took the Short Cut 51 course about 1 month before my exam and it has raised my Quant score by 4-5 points in a short time. Math revolution has a unique approach to GMAT quant that is based on their own extensive research on essential topics such as integer properties, statistics, and common mistakes (eg. C trap). According to the guys at Math Revolution, questions in these areas are usually given more importance in the scoring system, and I can say that I did notice similar trends in the actual exam and on GMAT Prep Exam packs. Besides, for the price of $79, the shortcut 51 course is perhaps the most comprehensive Quant focused course you will find out there!
Joshchq 2016
Score Report
89 Name Year 50 Thanks Math Revolution for an 11 point increase in Quant! The Math Revolution team has been invaluable in my GMAT preparation, and it was through their hard work and dedication that I was able to increase my quant score from 39 to 50 which raised my score from a 680 to 740! I had already been preparing for the GMAT several months before I went to Math Revolution and had completed the entire Manhattan Prep Interact course, worked with two different private tutors from Manhattan Prep, completed the entire Veritas Prep Live online course, twice, and all of the accompanying course materials for both programs to no avail. I am an English Literature and Language major and have worked as an English teacher for the last 5 years, so the Verbal section really did not give me much difficulty, but what set Math Revolution apart from Manhattan Prep and Veritas is that Math Revolution simply taught me all the math I had forgotten since middle school. In my experience Manhattan Prep taught me a lot of little tricks that I could use for specific questions and Veritas taught me to “logic” my way through math, but both of these approaches were exceedingly exhausting and only provided middling results. For the rest of you Liberal Arts majors, in my experience there is nothing more difficult than 8th grade Algebra on the GMAT so don’t shy away from the calculations. It is much easier to write down a basic algebraic equation than to “consider what it means to be a multiple of 2.” Read more
rhj1987 2016
Score Report
88 Name Year 48 I scored 610 ( 43 in Maths ) in June and decided to prepare again , I was looking to extra help in Maths since I wanted higher score. After signing up for All-In-One 47 Course , I finished up videos in 15-20 days and upgraded to All-In-One 51 course . Math revolution is a notch above all the material available in GMAT Maths today . Their material is totally based on official guides and has different teaching methodology than others. Increased my score till 46-48 in Mocks and hope to take exam soon with high score. Math revolution team is of great help and responsive to emails I sent at any time.
sukhman 2016
Score Report
87 Name Year 50 Okay, So I would first like to say that learning the variable method and the IVY approach made by Max Lee to be the best thing I did for preparing for the GMAT. The first test I took I got a 42 on quantitative and I did not know what to do. I got 42 for both GMATprep tests and on the real test. I learned about mathrevolution and read the reviews and testimonials to verify if the courses offered were legit. Well, after studying with mathrevolution with their helpful strategies and videos explaining the methods to approach problems. I took the test 2 months later now fully confident with the quant section. I finished the quant sections with almost 10 minutes left leaving me ample time to refresh for verbal. By making quant section into no more than a warm-up I was able to approach the verbal section with vigor. I scored a 750 on my gmat. 50 in quant and 41 in verbal. In just 2 months I made a 42 into 50. If that isn't something I don't know what is. Trust me. Max Lee is legit, if you are struggling the quant section go to right now. You will not be disappointed
thisisjaelee 2016
Score Report
86 Name Year 50 Friends, Today I took the GMAT and scored a 710 (Q50, V35). I can't quite describe the emotion, but I have a lot of gratitude for the people who have helped me along the way. I started my journey over 6 months ago. I practice with the classic with Manhattan books + took the live online course. It got me to a 650...but I needed something else to get me over the hump. Quant I started at a Q42, then eventually moved to the Q46/Q47 level (took 4 months to get here). I plateaued. I just felt like there wasn't enough time to tackle this section... But people all over the world were getting their dream scores, so why couldn't I? I had to change my approach. My confidence was low, but I was willing to put in in the time to get it right. One day I was practicing a very difficult math problem and I couldn't understand how to solve this problem in less than 2 mins. I was like there is no way... I stumbled on an answer from Math Revolution. They approached this problem through their proprietary ivy approach - i mean it was far from conventional standards, but it allowed one to solve the problem within 1.5 mins. I went on their site and gave their free videos a shot. I sent a few emails to their customer service team and they were extremely responsive. They had this genuine willingness to help students, which stood out. Within a day I bought the Short-Cut 51. I knew if I improved a couple of things with PS and heavily improved my accuracy for DS, then I could reach my goal of Q49/50. I went hard on the DS. I watched all the videos on my iPhone and it changed the way I approached DS problems forever. Their variable approach and extremely unique and efficient when you're in a time crunch. For example, on my real exam I was left with 6 mins and had 8 problems to go! I finished. Why? the variable approach. I could see through the tricks the test taker was throwing at me - I can't quite articulate this well, but you have to trust their approach and you'll see the results. When I saw the 50 on the screen I was amazed. Math Revolution team, thank you. Thank you for creating a very innovative approach to tackling the math section. Read more
imb 2016
Score Report
85 Name Year 50 I started preparing for the GMAT test at the end of 2014. I did some research to find the appropriate GMAT Online Prep course and finally decided to take the online live course from Manhattan GMAT. It was a 9-session course in that each session lasted for three hours. Despite the good reviews on this institute, the course did not help maximize my performance on the quantitative section. After completing the 27 hours from Manhattan GMAT, I continued to study on my own and took my first test on July 23, 2015. My quantitative score was 45. During this first test, I did not have enough time to solve the last 7 questions and ended up guessing them all. Dissatisfied with the result, I kept on preparing for the test, using Manhattan GMAT textbooks and OG. I re-took the test in late October and late November last year and the scores were 47 and 48 respectively. Each time, I again suffered with time management. After 1 year and 76 days spent for my self-study using Manhattan GMAT and OG, my math score was still hovering around 47 and 48. I realized that I needed to change my strategy and began to seek for help. Fortunately, my university mentor introduced Math Revolution to me; I started its “All-in-one 51” course immediately from November 23, 2015. It was a comprehensive 3-month course that changed my performance. Variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS, created by Mr. Max Lee, are very unique. I could solve math problems using these approaches with ease, speed, and accuracy. Especially, "variable approach for DS" is incomparable solutions that anyone can hit great score regardless of his or her existing math skills. For most DS questions, one can solve them in less than 1 minute using this variable approach. Those are techniques I could never learn from Manhattan GMAT. I re-took the test in March this year and earned 49 on math. Notably, I finished the quant section 4 minutes earlier. I was busy after taking the test in March; I took a break for a while and then, aiming higher (scoring 50 or 51), I enrolled in the one-month “Short Cut 51”. I decided to take GMAT a few days ago. I was able to finish all math problems in 73 minutes and scored 50 finally. Thanks to incessant efforts of Max and the Math Revolution team, I succeeded to get this score. Their personalized support is something that I could not ask for more. If you desire to conquer Q50 or Q51, I highly recommend you to register Math Revolution courses immediately. Don’t wait, just do it!
Dalena0106 2016
Score Report
84 Name Year 49 I want to thank you all the Math Revolution team for the great job they have done to boost my Quant score from a 44 to a 49 on the test I took on Friday. My tutor, Jae was fully dedicated and a very professional teacher but at the same time super approachable. He managed to keep me engaged in the session for sometimes more than 2 hours. The materials covered are just spot on and their way of thinking is to the point, which is what I think is required for this exam. Thank you so much! Really recommend Math Revolution to everyone
PIrisarri 2016
Score Report
83 Name Year 50 I have taken Math Revolution's short cut 51 to get 50 or 51 on the real GMAT. Earlier, I have already taken the GMAT and have got 49 on quant. So, this time my goal was to boost my score to get 700+. With the help of the Math Revolution team I have reached my goal and have got 50 on the real exam. Extraordinary Questions provided by Math Revolution are crazy! They were very very similar to real questions on the GMAT - I have got at least 5 questions on GMAT which very similar to these pack. You HAVE to solve these questions couple of days before the exam. Finally, I would definitely recommend this course to everybody who wants 50/51 on quant no matter what is your math at this moment.
Mamyan94 2016
Score Report
82 Name Year 50 Right from my childhood i had special interest towards Mathematics. However i realized standardized computer adaptive tests are completely different and you need to have a proper strategy in everything you do for the GMAT. i had already given the GMAT in august 2016 and got a Quant 49. After much research i signed up for the Math Revolution All-in-one 51 course to maximise my quant potential. My strategy was always that no matter what i needed to get all the 20 odd PS questions out of 37 questions correct and maximise my accuracy in DS questions. It is here Math-rev played a very important role. The revolutionary approaches such as variable approach method,ivy approach and the common mistake types taught at Mathrev made me super efficient and accurate with the DS questions.With these methods i was able to solve most of the DS questions within a minute and the extra time saved was very helpful to me to solve the wordy PS problems and in turn get them all right. After the course One thing what i understood was DS questions are comparitively easy to arrive at the right answer as you simply will not get wrong with calculative errors unlike the PS questions and there was never looking back ever since.As per as the PS is concerned,the video lectures by Mr.Lee are so informatively developed that i could get complete knowledge of all the theory concepts.You could clear see why Mr.Lee obviously is a encyclopedia for the Quant, seeing the various approaches he has developed.Ultimately i could save a lot of time taken to solve any given problem and this i believe is essential to achieve a top quant score (50/51) like i was able to get.The questions developed and practised at Mathrev are so GMAT like and it is only after a month of practise you become very familiar with the questions types you encounter on the actual GMAT. In conclusion i would also like to add the contributions of the Mathrev email support team ( especially Mr.Jin ) .The email support team was so proactive that you could get a reply to any of your query within hours of posting and this also has helped me in a big way during my preparation.I could get answers to any of my query in a very detailed way and that too very fast. I would definitely recommend Mathrev for every guy who is taking the GMAT.You certainly have the free-Trial subscription to decide to enroll like i did.
bass123 2016
Score Report
81 Name Year 50 Before Math Revolution, I was barely able to inch above q47-q48 on my practice tests. After taking the course, I scored Q49 on my practice tests with ease, eventually obtaining a Q50 on the real exam. Before taking Math Revolution, I used both Manhattan GMAT and GMATPill, but I was unable to secure the quant score I needed to get into competitive programs. The Variable Approach and Ivy Approach taught by the course was just what I needed to strategize on how to tackle each problem. Just be diligent with the videos and follow all of their methods. Good luck!
DivineJustice 2016
Score Report
80 Name Year 47 After being frustrated by my first exam, I decided to focus on quant and purchased the all-in-one 51 course from MR and it was the best decision I made in preparing for the exam! MR has an organized and clear objective - improve your quant score; it does so by offering you exam tips. You don't need to be a maths whiz to score high, as long as you follow its suggestions on how to tackle the questions. The VA approach they created for DS questions are the best, and it helped me defeat my fear with them. Moreover, they always reply to your emails with 12-24 hours, which is very helpful when you are stuck on a particular topic or question. 3 days before the exam, don't forget to send them an email and they will send you a personalised questions bank to better prepare yourself for the exam. I wish I had made the purchase early on and I believe that it would further improve my scores.
unknownuser 2016
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79 Name Year 51 I am an award-winning Korean Super Model, the first place of the Korean Super Model Competition in 2003, and I am currently enrolled in MBA program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. I am very glad to share my experiences of hitting Q51 and enter MIT. Just trust Math Revolution and follow what they guide you. You can imagine that I have never had any mathematical background in my life and career. I worked as a model in mainly Asian countries after winning the award, I continued my career as a model in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London after moving to New York in 2006. While modeling, I studied in fashion business management in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and built my career participating in various marketing projects as a fashion trend analyst in a New York-based fashion company after graduation. Read More
JayeonKim 2016
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78 Name Year 50 I signed up Math Revolution All-in-one 51 course. Before signing up for this course, I had studies several math books and was relatively confident about quantitative part of GMAT. However, I was not certain I could get Q50 and above. I read some reviews online about Math Revolution and decided to take the course to ensure that I got a Q50 and above. I studies the lectures one by one and was truly impressed by the unique methods they are using and the unique approach they take. In all honesty, I find out that should I have signed up the course earlier, I could have saved a lot of time spent on the math part. That's the most important point in taking Math Revolution course -- learning the same amount of materials but using a short period of time. Read More
ahuan077 2016
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77 Name Year 50 I enrolled for the Math Revolution's All-in-One 51 course for my first ever GMAT attempt. They have a nice and innovative way to present the topics. Learning with Math Revolution is fast as well as enjoyable. The CMTs they have introduced are very helpful to check for common mistakes in DS. On the top of all they have the Extraordinary questions which are really amazing and can easily boost up the score by 2-3 points. I scored a Q49 in the exam, which was due to my anxiety during the exam, otherwise I was on track for at least a Q50. Thanks Max and team. Read More
ankuradhikary 2016
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76 Name Year 49 Math Revolution has a unique "variable approach" to DS questions which are very efficient and quick way of solving DS problems. As it is with any unique approach, it takes some time initially to figure out what the approach is all about but once the core idea sinks in , you start getting the hang of what strategies and tricks are needed to accurately get most of the hard DS questions correct. Also, their support service is one of the best I have experienced and their turnaround time for my mails was really good. Their question bank including "Extra Ordinary" questions are most up to date with respect to similarity and type of questions I faced on GMAT exam. So I would highly recommend Math Revolution's courses to anyone who is aiming for Q49+. Read More
vil1 2016
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75 Name Year 49 I spent close to 3 months preparing for my first attempt and ended up scoring a measly 44 on quant. This was way below my expectations and I figured I needed something that would help me polish my foundation but does not require me to sit through a 100 course. That is when I stumbled upon Math Revolution. After taking up the trial, I immediately signed up. What I loved about this course is that it prepares you at the GMAT level of questions. The courses I took up earlier were either too heavy and did not match the style or difficulty level of GMAT questions, both of which suck time out and may not lead to the desired results. I am a working professional and I did not have the luxury of taking 2 weeks off to study for GMAT. Read More
Ankitruparel 2016
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74 Name Year 50 When I read about this course, I was skeptical about their claims of score improvement guarantee. While I was always quite comfortable in the quant section, scoring Q48-49 in the practice tests, I couldn't reach to a score of Q50-51. I felt like I was hitting a wall. Thats when I decided to join Math Revolution. The course teaches you unique concepts about both DS and PS sections. Especially in DS section, I could see a great improvement in time and accuracy when I applied their method. The course also helps you to tackle all types of trap questions that are tested in GMAT, making it a very relevant practice source. Read More
abhid 2016
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73 Name Year 51 This course is amazing!! With 15 years of experience on his GMAT math lecture, Sanggyu, Lee provides a special approach based on the number of unknown quantities. This approach is very simple, systematic and innovative. Also to minimize mistakes, firstly, he categorizes questions into 2 types; basic questions and easily confusing questions. And then he categorizes confusing questions into 4 types again. Thanks to understanding of characteristics of questions, my math score increased from 49 to 51. Read More
yanzhou82 2016
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72 Name Year 51 Math Revolution helped me improve a ton. The first time that I took the GMAT, I received a Q44. This was a bit disappointing. I had used the Manhattan Prep Books, the official GMAC books and tried Magoosh for the first time. Taking practice tests, I was still not getting over my hump. Magoosh helped slightly but not enough on Data Sufficiency. Math Revolution helped me a lot in improving my DS score. Understanding the Variable Approach Method really made sense after watching quite a few videos. I was able to consistently get around Q49 and Q50 on practice exams, but when I finally took the exam again early in September, I finally got a Q51 on the exam! Was SO happy with this. I really appreciate that the folks at Math Revolution were also helpful in answering my emails in a quick manner. Read More
nshah15 2016
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71 Name Year 48 I was initially skeptical about the promises made by Mathrevolution. I took a free webinar class. I watched all the free videos that I got after a free registration with the company. The free videos entirely changed the way I looked at GMAT math. With 7 days money back guarantee, it was a no-brainer for me to signup for the program. Since I only had one month to prepare for the exam, I took the course for one month with gmatclub discount of 10%. The concept videos , advanced course videos train you like anything. Read More
hanandaner 2016
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70 Name Year 49 Hi, I had given my GMAT in April 2016 and got a score of 650 (Q47 V34). I wanted to get a score of over 700. In the past, I had given many competitive tests and I knew that inorder to improve I had to improve in both verbal and quant. I do remember at the time that I saw a flyer from Math revolution. I saw this advanced prep course called "Math Revolution All-In-One Course". My first impression on going through the course was that the course featured exhaustive chapters on statistics, integer, probability, inequality and geometry. These are the favourite areas of GMAT however I have never seen any other prep course adequately focus on the nuances of these areas. Read more
ramansh21 2016
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69 Name Year 51 I purchased the All-in-One 51 package with 6hr of private tutoring from Math Revolution. I worked with Jae Baek as my tutor for the sessions. I had taken the GMAT previously and was not able to score over a 47 on quant. I wanted to do private tutoring since I had already done a lot of self-study and want personalized attention to help me improve my score. I chose Math Revolution because their score guarantee is one of the highest and they are much more affordable than most other private tutoring options out there. This was a GREAT experience overall - I improved my quant score from a 47 to a 51 in a little over six weeks. Read more
saniha92 2016
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68 Name Year 50 I've been challenging GMAT yet with Math Revolution and e-gmat, but I wanna share my findings easily to hit 50+ in the Quantitative section with Math Revolution. Before reaching Q50, I easily got 47/48 within a month, but, as most test takers might feel, there is a huge gap between 47/48 and 50+. I summarized why I could get 50 by dividing 2 parts; preparation for the exam and solution on the exam. Also, I'll introduce Math Revolution to Japanese struggling to boost their scores to 50+. <> 540 (Q47, V19) April 17, 2016 660 (Q50, V30) June 9, 2016 At the end of April, I've started learning with Math Revolution for Q and e-gmat for V. <> - I'm Japanese, so relatively good at Mathematics - Had easily reached Q47, 48 with a basic course for Japanese and GMAT Review, but struggled to get over 50 - Achieved 50 around a month by taking the Short Cut 51 course in Math Revolution *Precisely, net 20 days; the first 14 days for basic study from the starting (3 hours a day) and the last 6 days for review of methods and Extraordinary questions for the exam (2-3 hours a day) Read more
tet28 2016
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67 Name Year 51 First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank the instructor Max for his excellent and unique style of teaching. Without Max’s course, I would have never had a chance to come this far. I was history major in college and had almost no mathematical background. The most challenging part for me, especially, was that I was not able to recall most of the basics I learned back in high school. Also, my work was from 8 to 6 every day, and there was not enough time for me to study and learn all the basics mathematical skills required for the GMAT Math. I realized I needed the course that would allow me to tackle GMAT in a completely different way so that I could at least finish the test. That was when I found Math Revolution. Although unheard of, I soon realized that Max’s course was the best course I could find online. Only after 1 month, I was able to finish the test in time. The most exciting experience was that I was able to solve every single question with ease and accuracy without any arduous process of calculation. I am sure all students who registered for Max’s course would get at least 49+ in a matter of 1 or 2 months. Highly recommended!
Jude 2016
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66 Name Year 51 I have been preparing GMAT for quite some time and my only regret along the way is not registering at Math Revolution earlier than I did. I have been working for more than 3 years and I needed more than just a refresher in quant. Until I joined Math Revolution, I have been using free online materials, private tutors, etc, and I was sured I needed a more structured preparation. When I first encountered Max’s Variable Approach and Ivy Approach, I was not shocked. It seemed very absurd as the methods treat questions with completely different approaches compared to how I had used to approach. However, it took me only a few days to actually enjoy Max’s course. Every single thing he emphasized helped me to solve questions with ease, great pace, accuracy, etc. I do not want to elaborate every single detail of Max’s teachings here but I want to emphasize one thing: if you want to boost your quant score, the course at Math Revolution is a great choice.
Gaurav 2016
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65 Name Year 51 I enrolled in the Math Revolution course 2 months prior to taking GMAT. I am happy to say that I was extremely pleased with some unique methods and simple ways to approach quant. As I was planning on taking GMAT so many years after I graduated from schools, I barely had an idea about Math. However, some of the skills that I acquired from taking this MR prep course taught me to manage problems in a very quick and accurate way. Despite my incompetent math skills (mainly because I forgot most of basic concepts), I was felt very prepared before the test. I highly recommend Math Revolution for those who are aiming for high scores and for those who think they are not so competent in quant. Thank you!
Shashank 2016
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64 Name Year 51 Absolutely wonderful course. It perfectly prepared me for GMAT. I was around 40-42 level of score and got stuck in spite of all the efforts when I studied alone using official guide. Methods provided by Math Revolution give so many tricks to solve difficult questions easily. Methods also teach how to become very very very quick in solving DS questions...Very amazing Variable approach in solving DS! PS questions were also helpful. I finally got a score of X after 2 months study with Math Revolution. Methods are very unique and special. You might find it difficult to understand at first, but once you get the logic of methods, they become very handy. I have never seen such ways to solve questions in my life. The course provides great analysis for each question and also teaches basic maths as well. The team also replies to questions very quickly, which helps a lot. I received 2 sets of Extraordinary questions 3 days prior to exam. As advised by Math Revolution, I practiced and memoried them. Surprisingly, I could encounter 3 DS and 2 PS questions in actual exam. Not the same but very similar ones. Even for other questions in actual exam, I was comfortable with them because practice questions in the workbook during subscription are up-to-date ones in appearing.
Aleksander 2015
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63 Name Year 50 While was preparing for GMAT, I was surprised by different number of approach methods that I could use for the quant section. Then I realize I was using too many prep guides and video lectures... I searched through websites (especially GMAT Club) and faced some of solution and guides provided by Math Revolution. I communicated with Max a few times and decided to give a shot at his course. I realize it was the best decision I have ever made since I began prepping for GMAT. He had very unique styles of teaching and solution to GMAT quant section. Also, his team continuously provided different types of questions that I could use to practice such unique methods. I loved Variable approach for DS a lot. I am wondering how he could develop this kind of new theory. Saving a lot of time. DS is no longer pressure for me. I finally hit 50. It took me a while to become fully comfortable and equipped with IVY Approach Method and Variable Approach Method. And I believe that would the case for most students because they are too extraordinary. But I am certain, once those methods become handy, they would be the best guide you have ever seen. Over ally, I am very satisfied with Math Revolution!
Nasir 2015
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62 Name Year 50 I took GMAT using Math Revolution to prepare for the quant section (I scored 710). I have been using various other guides and courses out there, but Math Revolution was the best out of all. The course provides you with useful frameworks, tips and tricks to approach questions. I became really fast in solving questions after using Variable Approach Method. Max is a great instructor and is always there to help you. I have sent so many questions via e-mail and he replied me back with full explanations. I highly recommended those who want to improve their quant scores significantly to consider taking the Math Revolution course.
Kristi 2015
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61 Name Year 51 I cannot say enough great things about Math Revolution course. From Max, the instructor, to the content, the course is worth every penny spent! When I first began studying GMAT, I was not able to pinpoint what materials were important and what were not. There was just too much materials to study and master. Math Revolution does a great job of breaking down the sections and also strategies required for each section. Max did not only know the material inside and out, but he also replied me back every single question I had ASAP. Besides, the strategies I learned from his course equipped me with great pacing - I was able to complete the GMAT quant with ease in time. As long as you put efforts to learn quick and accurate methods that Max explains through his lectures, you will definitely get 49+. I understand there are so many online courses out there and probably not many students have heard of Math Revolution. However, after great experience but I believe Math Revolution is the best choice.
Navin 2015
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60 Name Year 50 This course was certainly well worth the money because the instructor was great. Max teaches how to approach GMAT problems, not in algebraic and conventional way, but in a more unique way. He has so many tricks and strategies for solving complex quant problems using methods such as VA and IVY method. Those two methods allowed me to answer problems that I struggled on in the past. If you are looking to see your score improve and, especially, if you have minimal mathematical background, I definitely recommend this course. Also, I would certainly recommend everyone to learn these two methods if you are aiming for high scores. Besides some quick ways to tackle quant, he also teaches some test strategies such as timing.
Hitesh 2015
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59 Name Year 49 I highly recommend Math Revolution for the quant section. Max is a wonderful teacher. He does a excellent job articulating what is needed to solve difficult problems and also explaining the logic behind each question. My score significantly improved as a result - increasing from 42 to 49. Two most important things I learned were unique methods that Max invented and strategies he taught for timing. I was non-math and non-engineering major but solved every single question with ease and accuracy in time. My friends also registered for Max’s course and showed significant increases in their scores. Overall, great experience with Math Revolution.
Vandna 2015
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58 Name Year 51 I decided to take the Math Revolution course because I was strongly recommended by my friends who got 48+ in quant. They also took Max’s course. Only after a month, I score jumped from 42 to 51. Max did wonderful job explaining his own logical ways to approach both the DS and PS problems. Also, the methods were extremely helpful in finishing the test in time (I had about 5 minutes remaining after the quant section). The teachings were clear and straightforward. If you are aiming to get a top score, I would definitely recommend Math Revolution. You would learn strategies that no one has ever taught you before. Thank you Max!
Jeniffer 2015
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57 Name Year 51 When I first took my prep test for quant, my score was so low that I even thought of giving up the hope of going to MBA. However, one of my friends recommended me Math Revolution, and I decided to give a shot. And it was one of the best decision in my life. My scores significantly improved. It was not because I was improving in Math in general but it was because I able to eliminate and choose answers more quickly and correctly. Skills that Max taught me was quite an unique one and my score was up by 10+ after only a month. I was not even running out of my time during the test like I used to. If you want to get a top score in GMAT, Math Revolution would be a perfect choice.
Silpi 2015
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56 Name Year 50 I am not a native English speaker so I struggled a lot at first just to understand questions. The principles behind the math section was pretty easy and most of stuff appeared in the test were from the high school math. But I certainly needed more time than most of students to FULLY grasp what the questions were asking. So I joined Math Revolution in the hope of getting a quality preparation for the GMAT Math. I have to say Max has one of the most special techniques in solving the GMAT Math section. With his methods, I became so quicker in solving problems and increased my score up by 7 in just about a few weeks. For some of the questions, I did not even have to fully understand the concept behind but still accurately eliminate wrong answers. Eventually, I am so glad to share that, I got 50 in the Math section and I want to thank Max for changing my life!
Mandeep 2015
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55 Name Year 50 I regard myself as one of the students who is very good at quant. But I want to give my credit to the instructor of MR, Max, for the outstanding score. I scored 50 in quant and this would not have been possible without Max’s course. His unique methods were the reason why I was able to finish the exam in time with accuracy. He had this non-conventional way to explain problems that I was not able solve at all. He makes things so easy that I gained great confidence as time passed. In fact, I tried to follow the logics that he elaborated in the course during the test and ended up having 5 minutes to spare. I believe, with Max’ course, anyone, including even those who have not been exposed to maths for such a long time, will be able to achieve at least 45+. I want to take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to Max and want to encourage all of GMATters to consider taking his course. Thanks again for all your support!
Mukesh 2015
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54 Name Year 51 I’ve got a Q51, a dream score! Before taking Math Revolution, I took GMAT test twice and my scores were 42 and 47. Even if I tried to get higher score and studied hard, I didn’t have the confidence to hit over 49. So I asked my friend who was preparing for GMAT. He got a Q50. He introduced Math Revolution and Max LEE’s lectures. So I watched his lecture on YouTube first. When I watched the lecture, I got shocked. He has totally diffident approaches for math and the approaches made me to become confident to solve math questions because even if I do not know which formula to use the question. I could solve the question very easily and quickly by following his unique Variable approach and IVY approach. GMAT math is not calculation, but logics! If your score doesn’t improve, you MUST try to study Math Revolution lecture first! Thank You! Max Lee!
Vijendra 2015
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53 Name Year 50 As a fan of Max Lee, rather than saying how good his approach is, one example can be enough about his course. Example) Q1. x is what percent of 0.1y? A. 10(x/y) B. 10(y/x) C. 100(y/x) D. 100(x/y) E. 1,000(x/y) How will you solve this? Most students, including myself are trying to substitute the numbers like x=10, y=100. It takes 4-5 minutes and it make me feel sick of math for this type of question. But, one of the Max Lee’s approaches (Axiom) is that you will learn different methods. For example, If, “what = something”, “of =*”, “is: =“, “percent =1/100” then, from the question, you can develop a formula immediately. “x=(something)(1/100)(1/10)y=(something)(1/1,000)y then (something)=1,000(x/y). E is the answer! Did you get it? Anyway, it is just one of the sample. You will see a lot more examples and tips like this question. Don’ hesitate. Math Revolution is your solution!
Subash 2015
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52 Name Year 49 Heading into GMAT preparation, I knew that the Quantitative section was not only the most important section for business schools but also the most difficult to master. Although I have a quantitative work and education background, I was shocked to find that I was unable to answer the questions in time and that I was having difficulty with some of the logic behind the questions. In this regard, I found the variable approach to be the most effective and foolproof method of acing the quantitative section in the shortest amount of time. It provides a concrete and easy-to-apply approach, as well as some tricks of the trade, to mastering the logic behind quantitative questions (especially the tricky Data Sufficiency questions!). After learning the variables approach by heart, I was able to solve the questions not only with more accuracy but also with much greater speed, which allowed me to attain a score of 770 on my first exam after only a week of test prep!
Eric 2015
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51 Name Year 51 I’m finally done with GMAT! Just trust Mr. Lee. Do exactly as he says. The first score I got from a prep test was 37, and I rarely got DS questions right. So I listened to the video lectures. I knew I was weak with DS, so I focused exclusively on the Official Guide DS part and studied Manhattan. But I don’t think it was much helpful. I especially got a lot of help from DS. Every time I solved a problem, I tried to apply Mr. Lee’s original conditions of variable approach, and avoiding common mistake types, and made sure that I didn’t overlook fractions, negatives, 0s and 1s. After 37 questions, I still had 15 minutes left over at the exam. His PS IVY approach was also very useful. I’d really like to thank Mr. Lee.
Matthew 2014
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50 Name Year 50 After taking the GMAT (thank you Mr. Lee), as much as I got help from Mr. Lee, I hope other GMAT takers can also get help from my tips. Just follow whatever Mr. Lee says on GMAT math. It’s the fastest way of getting a high score on GMAT through his unique and magic Variable/IVY approaches for DS/PS. I am not so good at math so I also took math classes in other GMAT courses, but Mr. Lee’s lecture videos are the easiest to understand. Through his lectures, I gained confidence in math and learned how to solve problems fast, through practice with the variable approach method. My score improved markedly.
William 2014
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49 Name Year 50 With the math major Mr. Lee and his solid theories on taking PS/DS sections, I received tremendous help. Especially while preparing for the first mock test, after getting shocked with the DS section, I saw a new world with Mr. Lee’s variable and IVY approach methods. You can save so much time by just following Mr. Lee’s variable approach method. Also, the common mistake types that he points out will eliminate the confusing times you might face in the math section. You can read the mind of the test maker, thinking “The GMAT test maker is expecting me to make a mistake here!” I’ve never actually explained a math problem to anyone since middle school, so it was a bit awkward, but being forced to stand in front of others and explain to them the concepts I learned really helped summarize the material for me. I’ll continue to try hard in math, teacher. After writing this, I sort of seem like your biggest fan! (I’m not his relative or a stockowner of his company). But trust me. Mr. Lee is the way..
Robert 2014
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48 Name Year 50 I was able to improve my quantitative scores from 36 to 50! I saw a lot of questions similar to the ‘expected questions’ in your course. Some questions on the actual test were new to me, but using your Variable (DS) / IVY (PS) approaches managed to solve them with no sweat. I would recommend your videos to anyone whose preparing for GMAT! In my practice tests I used to get 11 to 12 questions wrong but after watching your videos I lowered the numbers down to 4 to 5. You always talked about how important it is to get a high score in quantitative and I could finally understand why. I was more relaxed and confident when going in the Verbal section. I also saw my verbal scores improved so, Kudos to you!
Jennifer 2014
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47 Name Year 48 I just received admissions last week. I would have never been able to finish GMAT without your courses. For me, the most difficult part of the GMAT was the Quantitative section. I left off math in basic arithmetic calculations back in school, so I was in pretty bad shape math-wise. I was also in a hurry to get over with GMAT so in a failed attempt I tried to study your textbooks without any basic knowledge. I’m sure there are some students out there who are in a position like me. I also tried Manhattan GMAT but it didn’t help much. But after I took your course I was able to score a Q48 which to me seemed like an impossible score. One of my study members who took your math class scored a Q50 and finished GMAT only after 3 months of studying. I am deeply grateful to you.
Natalie 2014
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46 Name Year 49 I got admission! Thanks so much Math Revolution! ^^ Lucky for me, I listened to Mr. Lee’s video lectures and came out of the swamp that is GMAT math. The path you think is the fastest, will not be the fastest according to Mr. Lee’s lectures. I heard from a student I know in Wharton, “You are prepping for GMAT and NOT listening to Math revolution lectures??” so I came around to listening to the lectures. The last prep exam I took, I easily got 49 on the math section. The advice that stuck with me the most from Mr. Lee was that if you even rest one day in prepping for verbal, you lose some problem solving sense, but with math, if you have the basics down with him, it just becomes part of your skill set like swimming. It would be a waste of time to try to say all the great things about his variable approach method and common mistake types – there’s too much great things to say about them, so just accept that they are amazing. Yes, I remember being forced to take the exam fast by Mr. Lee, and a miracle happened! I never thought I could solve 20 questions in 6 minutes, but I really did! Trust Mr. Lee. Trust him a second time and the third time. Just continue trusting him all the way through your MBA preps. If you do exactly as he says, the time investment may seem large, but after the test, you’ll realize that you’ve spent the least amount of time to get the greatest reward
Ryan 2014
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45 Name Year 50 I took the PS/DS video lectures for two months. I was pretty confident with the math section, but after the first PS lecture, I realized listening to the lectures would be a great idea. The lectures showed me a way to get answers much more efficiently than my own typical styles, and the problem-solving approaches were custom-made for GMAT, so I got answers much more quickly than before. Same thing with DS, with the systematic approach introduced in the lectures, I noticed my scores on DS improving. Even the difficult questions I faced on the actual exam date, I could solve with ease and speed thanks to the lectures. I wish I’d gotten the 51, but if you listen to Mr. Lee, you should have no problem getting there
Henry 2014
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44 Name Year 50 I’m happy to tell you that I scored a 710(Q50, V35) on my GMAT! This was the first time ever I was able to score over a 700. I would have never been able to do this without your help. Your math courses were especially brilliant. After watching your tutorials I was able to maintain a Q50 over my past 4 tests. Your unique Variable approaches and common mistake types were of tremendous help in achieving such high score. I thank you for your help over the course of my studies, and wish everyone whose studying for GMAT good luck.
Lauren 2014
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43 Name Year 50 Just took the GMAT today and scored a 750 (Q51 V40) When I first started my studies GMAT seemed like a huge wall which would take years to conquer. I have been out of school for some time and had forgotten the simplest formulas like the area of a circle. But then I enrolled in your course, learned everything step-by-step and kept practicing. Some of the tips you mention were a little challenging as I hadn’t touched math for so long but practice after practice, I soon began to understand the concepts. I wish my fellow GMAT students a good luck. When I was studying for GMAT I used to go on boards and read other people’s testimonials and success stories which motivated me and I hope mine can motivate you too. Last but not least, a great thanks to Mr. Lee and his Math Revolution team.
Daniel 2014
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42 Name Year 50 As a satisfied customer, I’m excited to tell you that I scored a 50 in Quantitative! Your math videos were a god-send to me. Your theories and common mistake type’s were incredibly valuable. The 1-day math lecture also really helped me review and organize in my head everything I’ve learned. Because getting a 49/50/51 on the math section is the basic condition for getting over 700 on GMAT. As far as I know, nobody got over 700 without a math 49/50/51. And getting math 49/50/51 is certainly not easy. No. It’s downright difficult. GMAT math does not ask for math skills, but rather how logically you can think using math. So unless you are trained for the test, you won’t be able to solve 37 questions in 75 minutes. I’d like to thank all those people who walked the walk with me. Thank you so much.
Rachel 2014
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41 Name Year 50 Thank you Mr. Lee and Math Revolution! I haven’t done much math since high-school but with your help I finally got the score I needed on GMAT! Some of things you mentioned in class, which at first I thought were just jokes, turned out to be real in the actual test lol. I thought of you when taking the test. Also those questions you said that I would certainly encounter when I get a 5051, really appeared! Thank god took your class and prepared for all those key questions, trap questions, and integer and DS problems. On my test I got three 2-by-2 questions which took me only seconds to solve thanks to your training. I was a bit surprised that I still had 20 minutes left after solving all the problems. Your systematic approach to problems, time-saving methods and precautions for difficult set problems were all invaluable. In the 1-day lecture, you mentioned in passing that if we get such type of question the answer is OO. Guess what? I really got those questions on my actual test and got both of them correct! Your course is the best investment I made in my life so far. Thank you so much!
Adam 2014
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40 Name Year 51 Graduated GMAT with a 720. Thanks to your big help, I got a 720 (Q51/V37).. I tried Kaplan, Manhattan practice exam, and GMAT Prep but never achieved over Q42 on the practice exams.. but with you I could finally reach Q51 so thank you so much! I received a lot of help from the supplementary material you sent me even right before the exam.^^ I bothered you a lot with many questions before the exam, but you kindly responded to all of them, so thank you so much!!
Hannah 2014
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39 Name Year 50 After graduating from the GMAT. I’d like to thank Mr. Lee for his constant advice and support for a math major like me. Thanks to him, I graduated from GMAT with a 710! Mr. Lee is so down-to-earth and gives useful tips! The tips were totally catered to me!!! So I followed exactly as he said and listened to the video lectures and studied. And so I finally got the score I wanted – it seems the tips were made just for me! If there’s anyone out there who is in misery because of low GMAT scores, I highly recommend contacting Mr. Lee for help. He will open doors for you. Mr. Lee, I owe you one!!! >_<
Gabriel 2014
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38 Name Year 50 I scored a 720 (Q50, V38) on my GMAT. There are a lot of students these days who score over a 700 but I am writing this testimonial to encourage students who feel their Verbal is weak. I started studying for GMAT last March and took 4 tests to get this score. I used to read a lot of testimonials and dreamed of one day writing one myself. I still find it kind of surreal that I got that score. I actually burst into tears when I received my score report. I am deeply, deeply grateful for you Mr. Lee and your Math Revolution. I come from an engineering background and so did not spend much time on Quantitative in my previous tests, but I realized that scoring a 51 is not an easy task. I spent a lot of time this time studying math to finally get a 50. I feel I should note that a 49-50 score and 51 score on the quantitative section will account for a 20-to-30 point difference in the overall score.
Tony 2014
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37 Name Year 50 From far away, I write to thank Mr. Lee. From abroad, I listened to Mr. Lee’s video lectures. The first time I started studying for GMAT, I heard the rumor about a very famous GMAT math teacher. I was really impressed with the fresh problem solving approach and the logic Mr. Lee presented in solving the GMAT math section. If I were to rate Mr. Lee, I’d say he’s the God of GMAT math. If you listen to him without any resistance, you will be ready and with a little bit of your own effort, the GMAT math will be a piece of cake. Math Revolution is the key to math. That will never change.
Jonathan 2014
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36 Name Year 49 Because the video lecture covered 70% of the math section, just listening to the teacher’s lectures helped so much. After starting to prepare for the GMAT, many people who took the exam told me the Kaplan program didn’t help so I was looking through the Official guide twice by myself. That got me a 38 on the math section of a prep test. I didn’t have enough time, and I wondered how people aced the test after taking Mr. Lee’s lectures. By chance, I heard about the video lectures and after taking the lectures, I completely found my confidence again. His to-the-point lectures were one thing, but I was even more moved by Mr. Lee’s diligence in giving me prompt responses whenever I would ask him something by email. Thanks to him, I got a 49 on the math section on my first official test. Since he removed the fear of math, I could take the test with ease. For people like me who can’t go to a classroom, the video lectures are so much help and convenient. Mr. Lee, thanks so much!!!
Maya 2014
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35 Name Year 49 Thanks Math Revolution! Graduating from GMAT with a 710. I listened to everything Mr.Lee told me: solve slowly but surely with your hand, master both the memorization of concepts and understanding of concepts, DS and PS are completely different tests, beware of the common mistake types on key questions. They were all correct advice. I got a math 49 on the exam. For a first time taking GMAT, I’m very happy with the result. The video lectures are seriously impressive. I really want to thank Mr. Lee with my good result and everything but I don’t know if he’ll see this message. Right before the exam, I remember taking about 10 problems that Mr. Lee sent me that ended up showing up on the exam in similar fashion. With 20 minutes left over, I finished the math section. I did so much better than I expected with the math section, so I finished the GMAT with just one try. I hope all test takers from now on will see his video lectures. They are really big help.
Joseph 2014
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34 Name Year 50 Graduating with a 720. Thank you Math Revolution! I studied the OG 13 for a month alone, and consulted Mr. Lee. After listening to the video lectures, I slowed down my calculations so I wouldn’t make mistakes on them. I imitated teacher’s ways of solving problems and paced myself with my own techniques. If you pace yourself to take the full 75 minutes in prep exams, you’ll have time left over on the actual exam. Thanks to Mr. Lee, I did not have to waste time being disoriented and received such a good score in a short amount of time. I really would like to thank him.
Benjamin 2013
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33 Name Year 51 Just passed the 700 mark with a score of 730 (51/37) ^^ With the math section of GMAT, just leave it up to Mr. Lee right before the exam. His video lectures show the overview of GMAT with such authority and introduces you to the variable approach method, which I’m sure nobody’s heard of before. His style is so captivating. I personally hate math to the bone, but after the first lecture, I had the confidence in math I never thought I’d get. After listening to all the video lectures, I got a 51 on the math section.
Eunice 2013
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32 Name Year 51 I sucked in Math, yet I got a Q51! Wow, Unbelievable!!! Thank you so much for your lessons and help. I found your methods for solving DS problems particularly useful and on my first GMAT, I scored a 700+! I would spread the word about your math videos, they are absolutely great! Your problem solving and explanations are priceless. Thank you so much
Alexander 2013
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31 Name Year 50 After taking the GMAT: Thanks Mr. Lee and Math Revolution!^^ I supplemented my understanding of the DS variable approach method with the video lectures and maintained a good sense for solving math problems. I solved the basic DS/PS material that you gave me three times, and the ones I starred on the basic material that was difficult, I made sure to try again before every mock exam. Mastering the equations and problem types on the basic DS/PS material should be enough to eliminate any difficulties a student might face on the actual exam or during the preparation stages. I received so much help through the problem-solving classes and over the course of three exams, I got 50, 51, and 50
Justin 2013
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30 Name Year 49 Thank you Mr. Lee. I took my first GMAT yesterday and scored Q49 which is just amazing. My math was terrible so the score really surprised me, in a very, very good way. (Last time I took the prep-test I got a 33 and there were times when I scored less than 20.). When I first started studying for GMAT, I told myself "Mr. Lee is the God of GMAT and I will only trust and follow his words." I studied with your videos after work (while my husband looked after our child) and it was well worth it! I could feel my math improving as it took less and less time to solve each problems. It took me 4-5 hours to finish the first prep paper you gave us which had 37 questions. But my problem solving speed grew exponentially faster. I highly recommend all students who are preparing for GMAT to take your course. I recommend them to trust your teacher and follow his words because he will (and you will) deliver. The tips you gave us during the classes were especially useful. To be honest, I feel I have a lot of room for improvement in my math skills. But with you tips I was able to score such a high score. For example there was this one PS question which was not a Key Question. The logic was simple but the calculation was complicated and would have taken more than 5 minutes. So I boldly passed the question as I learned. Then the next question I got was a Key Question which I could solve in seconds using the methods you taught us. I respect your tremendous amount of experience on GMAT and it would be a fool of anyone to not listen to your teachings. I am grateful that I was able GMAT within such short period of time and really glad to have met my fellow students who all made some significant sacrifices in their lives to study GMAT. I wish them all a very good luck in their future.
Luke 2013
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29 Name Year 51 Confident about math (Q51)!!! A doctorate friend of mine in the US got math 51 and a total GMAT score of 770 and strongly recommended Mr. Lee to me. We are both not so good at math, so apparently Mr. Lee was the one to learn from – at our first consultation, I was first impressed with how Mr. Lee gave me the small break time he had in between classes to explain his program to me the best he could, and I was secondly impressed with his professionalism in his own confidence in the program. I could tell that he knew his way was THE way. I immediately took to listening to his video lectures and I got a 51. Thank you so much.
Nicholas 2013
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28 Name Year 50 After mastering the GMAT in 2 months. I was always bad at math in school, so I made sure to memorize the equations and solved every question the way Mr. Lee showed me and copied everything from the question number to the work up to the answer. I embarrassed myself with red pen marks whenever I got a question wrong and told myself how to solve the question right the next time. Before the math exam, I solved the 80 questions teacher sent me, and luckily, about 20 questions from that set actually came up on the exam in similar format. Even if a problem was the type I knew how to solve, Mr. Lee’s approach shortens the problem solving time so much, so I highly recommend his lectures to people who are bad at math. For the first time, I had sufficient time to take the Math section. Based on my nature, I spent a little more time focusing on verbal than on math, because I like betting on the higher chance side. But if you want over 700, you actually have to invest more time into math. If you get over 49 on math, you’ll safely ensure 700. All I have to do is get the admission papers in, so I hope I can visit you again with good results
Zoe 2013
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27 Name Year 50 Graduated on my last chance. I got a 50 on last week’s exam and barely graduated. Coming home after the exam, I discovered the mountain of math materials I had solved. Based on my experience, I really recommend video lectures or joining a study group. Teacher emphasizes that we be able to solve problems in front of other people and explain the variable approach concept, and I really think he’s right about this. This exam is unique in that there are many misleading questions, so if you glance over the details, you’ll never get a 50 or 51. You need to be extra careful and meticulous. Lastly, I’d like to thank Math Revolution and Mr. Lee. I wish all the best to all the GMATers out there.
Michael 2013
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26 Name Year 50 I finally graduated from GMAT! Thank you!!!^^ Math: unlike the verbal section, there is a shortcut in math. Seriously! Believe me. If you follow these steps, you will definitely get a 49/50/51 on the math section. [Step 1] Listen to Mr. Lee’s video lectures (both PS/DS). [Step 2] Enroll in Mr. Lee’s Math Study. [Step 3] Always attend the weekly rehearsal and math study. [Step 4] Get a 49/50/51 on the math section and be happy. What is this nonsense? This is exactly how I got 50 on the math section. On my first exam, I got a 42. I couldn’t believe it. And then I never got any score over Math 50 on the prep tests. The highest I’d ever gotten on a prep test was 49 right before the actual test. That 49 was something I’d gotten after countless 45-47s and a lot of additional studying. Many people think math is easy compared to verbal so don’t give enough attention to the section. But math is the part to do well if you want a score over 700.
Lily 2013
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25 Name Year 50 Finished GMAT~ Thanks so much Mr. Lee ^^ Math is the subject that makes you appreciate Mr. Lee is there for you. From the beginning, with Mr. Lee by my side, I had no worries. His video lectures are second to none, and he just imbues so much confidence in you as a test taker. It was a tremendous amount of help, seriously. All I did actually was just take the key points out of his lectures and really mastered those key points about DS problem solving approach and the last summary he did, but this alone was sufficient for me to do well. Thanks to him, I had the energy to tackle even the relatively harder verbal section and I got a good result in a short amount of time. Good lectures and the solid lead was the key to my success, so I’d like to thank Mr. Lee. I hope he will continue to help students go to great MBAs.
James 2013
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24 Name Year 50 Thank you Math Revolution!!!! I wrestled with the idea of giving up because of the math section for about 2 months, but I trusted Mr. Lee’s video lectures and prepared for 3 months to take the exam. My math score improved! The first prep cycle, I only received a score in the 30s, but in the last exam, I got 50 and along with that, a total score over 700! Thank you so much teacher! Thanks soooooooooooooo much!
Kyle 2013
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23 Name Year 50 Thank you Math Revolution! I graduated last month with 720 (Q50/V36). After listening to Mr. Lee’s video lectures, studying math and consulting with Mr. Lee, he told me that I should breathe easy and take the test with a light heart. Within the math sections integer, statistics, inequality, and probability, just study the ones you forgot… Make a math note separately. There’s a lot to write down. I wrote everything down in a small notebook. When I was taking number 36 on the math section, I had 30 minutes left. And it had taken me 17 minutes to solve the 36 questions. After seeing the 30 minutes left, I think I went crazy. Thinking that I had the time which I didn’t gave me a headache. I realized that in 17 minutes and found the answer. And then questions 37 was an addition question… I felt so foolish. I’d like to tell all the GMAT takers to take the prep test a lot, and take the actual test with a calm mind.
Gallen 2013
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22 Name Year 51 I took the GMAT today and got a 51 in math, which is amazing because I never scored so high even on my practice tests. The 5051 lecture and 1-day lecture were tremendously. I was planning on pursuing my MBA in Europe and the score I received today was enough to get me into the school that I wanted. I feel so much more confident now and I thank you for everything.
Grace 2013
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21 Name Year 50 5 out of 9 of our study group members took the test last week after taking your course, and 3 of them scored a Q50! Your courses and study methods are simply amazing! Ms. K 690 à 740(Q50,V38), Ms. M 640 à 710(Q50, V35), Mr. Y 640 à 690 (Q50, V33). I am the lowest at 710 (Q50, V35)
Emily 2013
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20 Name Year 49 Thanks to you, I raised my math score by 10! Now my score is 700 (Q49, V35). I asked my friend and the only way to raise the math score is to listen to a lecture that can tell you how to get answers fast, not how to solve problems like in school. So I took that kind of lecture and thought it’d be find after reviewing the ones I got wrong. I said I’d finish up with GMAT if I get in the 700s, but I got exactly 700. I used to get 38-40 on math in the practice exams, but I got 49 today. Well, it’s the first exam I took, so I think I’ll prep a little harder this time and raise my math score. I’ll be sure to post a response once I get a better score ^^
Sara 2013
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19 Name Year 50 6 months journey from 600 to 710. Thank you Math Revolution. At your advice for me to take the exam one more time, I was hesitant, but when I listened to your advice, it really paid off. Thanks to Math Revolution, I got so much help. I always was a bit far from liking math, but after the second exam, I always got a 49 or 50. So I’m sure other people can easily get 51. Just trust the Math Revolution and Mr. Lee.
Brian 2013
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18 Name Year 49 Finishing the GMAT with video lectures – 750 (Q49/V42) If you do exactly as Mr. Lee says on the video lectures and apply the PS/DS theories on the problems, then you’ll see immediate improvements on the score. Taking the One Day special lecture right before the exam also helped a lot.
Jason 2013
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17 Name Year 49 After finishing the GMAT… I listened to Mr. Lee’s lectures for 3 months. I’m an engineering major and was confident in math, but what was for sure was that Mr. Lee’s type-centric approach to problem solving and his tips with the variable approach was essential to get a math 50 or 51.
Claire 2013
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16 Name Year 51 Just to let you know I got a Q51 in my test. I’m officially graduating from GMAT! Your 1-day lecture was tremendously helpful for me. I found myself no longer in any time constraints. I practiced the questions as you instructed and my efforts came through. Thank you so much for such great lectures and helping out in my GMAT journey.
Jessie 2012
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15 Name Year 50 Here’s my testimonial. I took my first test and scored a 710(Q50, V36). I was quite nervous before I took the test because whenever I took the math prep test I got 48. But after some email exchanges and consultation with Mr. Lee, I kept studying with the course videos. Though 51 would have been better but I’m sincerely grateful and excited that I scored Q50!
Ethan 2012
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14 Name Year 50 Finished GMAT with a 750. Thanks Mr. Lee! I remember looking at the GMAT official guide 6 months ago. I never thought I’d finish this exam at one go, but thanks to Math Revolution, I reached my goal score. I finished GMAT with a 750 (M50, V41). Thanks again Mr. Lee!
Brandon 2012
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13 Name Year 51 I graduated with a 750. Thanks so much Math Revolution! (Q50 V41 total 750). Before actually starting to study for the exam, I got oriented thanks to a consultation with Mr. Lee. With Mr. Lee’s recommendation, I attended his math study sessions every week and did prep exams 3 times. First prep: Q49, V38, Second prep: Q49, V41, Third prep: Q49, V39. Total 720. Studying for each part. With DS, Mr. Lee’s variable approach method and the type-centric summary of the PS section really saved me. Right before the exam, with 5051 I got the confidence to take on difficult questions, and took the magical one day special lecture to memorize all the answers, so I saved time on the actual exam by getting 5 or 6 questions that looked exactly like the ones I had memorized. I got a result I never expected, and raised the score a lot in a short time with lots of learning and satisfaction. Thanks to everyone who helped me^^
Sean 2012
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12 Name Year 48 Scored a 48 in my Quantitative. I think I would still be stuck in the Q41-42-range if I hadn’t taken your 5051 lectures. Thank you and I highly recommend your course to students!
Julia 2012
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11 Name Year 50 I scored a 50 in quantitative and a 760 overall after studying with your videos. I owe you for this one! I can finally apply to the top 10 MBA programs. It’s surely a dream come true! Sorry I couldn’t be in New York this month for the meet-up session but next time, dinner’s on me!
Lucas 2012
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10 Name Year 50 I got in!!! Thank you Math Revolution and especially Mr. Lee for your help. It’s been quite challenging for me studying GMAT and the admissions process was nerve-racking but I made it! I’m so glad that I could pursue my MBA studies now, and I owe all of this to you. Thank you so much!
Sophia 2012
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9 Name Year 51 I just took my GMAT today and scored a 700+. This was my third test. Coming from a non-math related major, math has always been a huge challenge for me. But your videos have been absolutely instrumental in my preparation for the test. I did exactly as you said man and my scores just went up and up. Thank you so much!
Kevin 2012
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8 Name Year 50 Not everyone gets 51 out of 51 on GMAT math. But after listening to Mr. Lee’s videos and lecture specials and after taking a couple of one-day lecture specials on the month of the exam, it should be a breeze getting 49 or 50 right. Except I never got a 51, so I don’t know what to do.. (so jealous of engineering majors who do so well
Joanne 2012
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7 Name Year 51 Thanks Math Revolution!^^For the last 6 months, you were a great support as well as an amazing math teacher. I thought GMAT was a mountain too high to climb, but I see now that there are bigger mountains even after GMAT. The only way I could last this long was thanks to you, Mr. Lee. Thanks for always being there for me and supporting me!
Victoria 2012
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6 Name Year 51 Thanks Mr. Lee!! I always wanted to get over Math 40 so I didn’t expect much when I took the test. But I got a 51! I was so thankful. There are many people who are just starting to study for GMAT and some who already know how to do a fair bit of the test, but don’t struggle alone. Take the Math Revolution way and listen to the video lectures. You’ll finish the math section really quickly.
Andrew 2012
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5 Name Year 50 Graduated with 750 (50/41) I remember Mr. Lee telling me all the time “Math is easy with me. Just focus on verbal” After taking the exam, he was totally right. He is great help in all the math sections. Actually, the most important strategy for my last exam was to listen to all the video lectures teacher sent me right before the exam and focused on those 80 questions, and my score improved dramatically. Every time I felt depressed after a bad test, Mr. Lee was always there for me to give me confidence and for me to try again. If you started studying GMAT with Math Revolution, you just found the solution.
David 2012
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4 Name Year 51 I failed on the test multiple times and tasted bitterness a fair bit. Even with group studies with fellow students, I only reached early 600s as a score. I met Mr. Lee with this heavy heart. At that time, the only thing on my mind was just to see who gets the legendary score of 700 and over. I’d like to thank Mr. Lee for his long-term selfless mentoring.
Tyler 2012
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3 Name Year 50 Thanks Math Revolution! Through Mr. Lee’s consultations I listened to great stories and through the video lectures, I received so much help. After getting my MBA admission, I will surely buy him a drink. I’ll come visit one day, Mr. Lee. I hope your business will continue to grow, and as always, continue to give the tremendous help you gave me to other Gmatters. Stay healthy.
Mason 2012
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2 Name Year 50 Postscript after 700 on GMAT. I got a 700 (math50/verbal33) on my 3rd exam. It’s not a great score, but I hope my postscript will help those similar to me. Mr. Lee’s math video lectures are so good that if you are an engineering major, one-time thorough look at the lectures should be enough to handle the actual exam with supplementing once in a while before the exam. 3 days before the exam, get the one day special lecture with the teacher and receive a mailing service to solve more math problems. I’d like to thank teacher for giving his time willingly today and cheering me up.
Isabella 2012
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1 Name Year 49 1. Thanks to your help, I finally got into CEIBS. I’m sure there will be difficulties next year when I go to MBA, but I am not so worried with you as my mentor ^^. Always be healthy and I’ll come visit!!
Jack 2012
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