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Finish GMAT Math in 3 days !
Special Off-line Class + MBA Consulting in New York !

• Master our unique Core Theory, “Variable approach for DS” and “IVY approach for PS” off-line as an alternative to the online videos

• Improve your skills and reach your target score immediately following the special off-line class

• Practice “Up-to-date” questions that are arranged according to level of difficulty: Basic, Medium, Hard and Hardest

• We transform your GMAT math weaknesses into strengths of a lifetime.

• Achieve a miraculous GMAT math score, and get one step closer and into your MBA dream school.

Program Overview

• Teachers : Max Lee, Founder and Content Owner of Math Revolution, 
                    Heejean Kim, Tutor, with a doctoral degree in math, faculty member at California State University.)

• Venue : 500 Piermont road. Suite 303. Closter NJ 07624, NY, USA

• Period : Dec 1 - Dec. 3 (Fri-Sun) ends at 1 pm Dec. 3 (Sun)

• Total 20-hour class

• Total 20 students only (first-come, first-served!)


  • ※ Including bonus offers: $320 worth of "All-In-one 51 for 3 months" + "Daily Quiz for 8 weeks" + "700+ level questions" + "Extraordinary questions"
  • ※ Free MBA consulting
  • ※ Extra discounts for current online subscribers 

What We Will Provide You:

• 20-hour off-line class (8, 8, and 4 hours each day)
• Mastery of our unique core theory and approaches (Variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS)
• Ability to solve special question packs of increasing difficulty levels
• Unlimited Q&A opportunities in and outside the classes

Please note that in order for these classes to be most effective, students should study our “Core Theory” videos prior to attending this special 3-day event.

Your expected score improvement after the 3-day class event:

• Go from Q20's to low 40's
• Go from Q30's to 45
• Go from Q40's to 48-51

If you would like to purchase this amazing offer or have any questions, please send us an email at: info@mathrevolution.com